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Yonge Street /
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Yonge Street / Newmarket

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rapidway under construction

expected completion
Dec. 2019


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Community Liaison

Sophia Bittar

phone 905.886.6767 Ext 71116
cell 905.806.0713

Yonge Street / Newmarket

A destination and a journey.

Yonge Street is the spine of the Viva rapid transit network with its long history as the economic and cultural centre of Toronto and York Region. As Yonge continues to evolve with the addition of the rapidway, plans for this area include a wide range of new development initiatives, from great shopping and entertainment to vibrant public spaces, connecting you to Davis Drive and other Newmarket amenities.

Why? It’s all part of the comprehensive rapid transit network that connects the Region’s urban centres and supports our growing communities. Yonge Street is centrally located in York Region making it both an ideal transit corridor and a great place to work, shop, live or play.

Are we there yet? Well, not yet. Large infrastructure projects like these take several years. Crews have been busy relocating underground infrastructure, and have started road widening. Construction happens in many stages so sign up for construction updates to stay informed so you can plan ahead.

Additional rapidways on Yonge Street north to Green Lane and south of Mulock Drive are dependent on future funding commitments, but all part of the larger network plan.

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Yonge Street is one of Newmarket’s key shopping areas. From shoes to resale clothes, and from restaurants to veterinarians – there’s everything you need and more!

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