Metrolinx committed to breaking ground on vivaNext rapidways this fall.

Metrolinx President and CEO Rob Prichard takes questions from reporters after the public session of the July 13 meeting

Metrolinx President and CEO Robert Prichard takes questions from reporters after the public session of the July 13 meeting.

Metrolinx, the body created by the Government of Ontario to develop and implement an integrated transportation plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, is committed to working with Viva toward a fall 2009 construction start date for the rapidways project. During their July 13th public board meeting, Metrolinx President and CEO Robert Prichard said, “Progress is going very well indeed. We want to break ground this fall and we are working hard to do so.” During the meeting, Metrolinx General Manager of Investment Strategy and Projects John Howe presented our renderings of the Davis Drive rapidway to show how it will look in the future. They generated a lot of excitement amongst those in attendance.

If you would like to see the renderings presented at the meeting for yourself click here or visit, where you’ll also find a link to the Metrolinx website in case you are also interested in viewing the meeting agenda.

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2 Responses to “Metrolinx committed to breaking ground on vivaNext rapidways this fall.”

  1. Copel Marcus says:

    About the station canopies: Did anybody do wind-tunnel tests of them? We have a prevailing westerly wind. With the very high canopy and the wide-open ends, I predict the canopies will be pretty but not functional when it comes to protecting passengers from wind, snow and rain. The partial glass panel, I believe, will prove inadequate.

    DaleA: Hi Copel,

    Good question. Comfort, safety, accessibility and reliability are key features of York Region’s rapid transit network. Many checks and balances were completed by specialists during the design of the rapidway station, where people may need to wait short periods of time for the next Viva vehicle during inclement weather. As part of that process, a microclimate study was done to ensure it performs well in wind, heat, snow and rain. To see a new vivastation in operation, visit Warden Station at Enterprise Boulevard (south of Highway 7) which opened in March 2011. You will notice that, among other features, the new vivastations include a fully-enclosed, 9-metre-long waiting area with motion activated heaters.

  2. Ellen Sui says:

    At this moment, I am more concerned about when the new Viva stops will be open. I understand that the rapid ways take a long time to finish, but is it possible to open the stops first? I am living at Yonge and Bristol at Newmarket. Right now I ride Viva up to Newmarket terminal. After that I either wait for another YRT bus (which may take 15-30 minutes) or have someone pick me up. I also tried walking back home. It takes about 25 minutes. If the Viva stop can open it will save my life.

    DaleA: Thanks for your comment. For the safety of the construction workers, travelling public and transit riders, the new vivastations will be built at the same time as the rapidways and service along each route will begin once all construction has been completed. Please watch our newest video to see how the vivastations along the funded Davis Drive rapidway will look.
    While the vivaNext plan also includes rapidways along the Yonge Street route you take – from Bristol Rd. to Davis Dr. – that will be constructed in the future as ridership grows. When additional funding is secured for this stretch, HOV lanes will first be constructed. Stay tuned to and my blog for regular updates on the vivaNext plan.

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