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staff directory

YRRTC has a strong team of experts who work with vivaNext partners to oversee, manage, and execute our projects in line with the mission, vision and values.

Office of the President
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Office of the Chief Engineer
Office of the Design Chief, Infrastructure & Development
Office of the Chief Communications Officer
Office of Senior Legal Counsel

Office of the President

Mary-Frances Turner, President
905-886-6767 ext. 71010

Sheena Arora, Project Specialist Advisory
905-886-6767 ext. 71012

Danielle Hutson, Strategic Communications Advisor
905-886-6767 ext. 71372

Aleen Sidhu, Project Administrator
905-886-6767 ext. 71061

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Michael Cheong, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
905-886-6767 ext. 71015

Pamella Rae, Project Administrator
905-886-6767 ext. 71034

Noeline Chipun, Manager, Finance - Budget and Capital Project Delivery
905-886-6767 ext. 71019

Bonny Tam, Manager, Finance, Accounting and Asset Capitalization
905-886-6767 ext. 71016

Narendra Shah, Manager of Governance and Compliance
905-886-6767 ext. 71185

Office of the Chief Engineer

Paul May, Chief Engineer
905-886-6767 ext. 71030

Teresa Closs, Project Administrator
905-886-6767 ext. 71031

Fausto Natarelli, Director, Yonge North Subway Extension
905-886-6767 ext. 71025

Liza Sheppard, Director, Bus Rapid Transit Program
905-886-6767 ext. 71035

Christopher Scott, Manager, Infrastructure
905-886-6767 ext. 71113

Office of the Design Chief, Infrastructure & Development

B.N. [Raj] Mohabeer, Design Chief, Infrastructure and Development
905-886-6767 ext. 71028

Tanya Cecic, Project Administrator
905-886-6767 ext. 77474

Rose Suppa, Manager, Infrastructure and Development – Property
905-886-6767 ext. 71021

Stephen Hollinger, Manager, Infrastructure and Development – Facilities and Terminals
905-886-6767 ext. 71083

Office of the Chief Communications Officer

Dale Albers, Chief Communications Officer
905-886-6767 ext. 71020

Kori Dunn, Project Administrator
905-886-6767 ext. 71046

Kathryn Webber, Manager, Strategy and Communications
905-886-6767 ext. 71026

Linda Filippi, Manager, Community Liaisons
905-886-6767 ext. 71057

Office of Legal Counsel

Antoinette Bozac, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
905-886-6767 ext. 71365

Maurizio Artale, Counsel
905-886-6767 ext. 71382

[position vacant], Legal Assistant