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Fencing vacant lots

Several properties were acquired and removed as part of the Davis Drive rapidway project. As a good neighbour wanting to maintain a pleasant setting, we are committed to caring for these properties with general maintenance. The temporary construction fencing is now being replaced with permanent fencing for the duration of the vivaNext project.

What properties will be fenced?

All properties acquired as part of the project will be fenced.

What type of fencing will be installed?

Paddock-style fencing will be installed along the front portion of each property, with a gate to allow access to construction and property maintenance staff.

When will it start?

Installation of the paddock-style fences will start on Monday, June 6 and will be completed within four weeks.*

Why are the new fences so far back from Davis Drive?

The new fences are being installed farther back from Davis Drive to allow utilities to be relocated and the roadway to be widened.

How will the properties be used in future?

Some properties will be used for storage of construction materials, and as work areas when crews are working nearby. Contractors may also use some properties for parking. Once the rapidway project is complete, York Region and Metrolinx will determine on a case-by-case basis, the future of each property.

If you have questions about the Davis Drive rapidway project, please contact Andrea Witty, Community Liaison Specialist at or 1-877-464-9675, ext. 1022.

*All dates subject to change; advance notice will be provided whenever possible.

Example of paddock-style fencing

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