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Important changes to traffic patterns and intersections

Our vivaNext Highway 7 project is well underway and we’re moving into the next phase of construction that includes building the rapidway, station platforms and canopies between Bayview Avenue and Warden Avenue. To complete this work in the median, eastbound and westbound lanes are shifting to their final location. As a result, this requires important changes to how pedestrians and motorists use intersections.

The first three intersections to change are:

West Beaver Creek Road, Leslie Street and East Beaver Creek Road

NEW Dedicated left-turn signal

  • Intersections will now have a dedicated left-turn traffic signal
  • Drivers can only turn left when the left-turn arrow is illuminated
  • Left turns are not permitted when through traffic proceed

NEW U-turns

  • To access mid-block entrances on the other side of the road, motorists can make U-turns at signalled intersections when the left-turn signal is illuminated. Watch for signs that state “U-turn permitted.”

Changes to right-turn lanes

  • Dedicated right-turn lanes will now become a right and through lane

NEW Two-stage pedestrian crossing

  • Intersections are more complex with the widening of the roadway and new signals. As a result, pedestrians will now cross Highway 7 in two timed stages
  • A countdown signal will indicate how many seconds pedestrians have left to safely cross the street
  • There will be a pedestrian waiting area in the middle of the crosswalk where pedestrians can stop, push the “walk” button, and wait for the next walk signal to safely cross the second half of the street

Pedestrians should always obey signals:

  • It is only safe to start crossing the intersection when the “walk” signal is displayed
  • Always push the “walk” button — if you don’t, signals will remain timed for vehicles, and not pedestrians

Please Note: As with all construction projects, work may be rescheduled due to weather. We’ll provide advance notice whenever possible.

For more information about the vivaNext plan and to receive project updates, please see the Highway 7 East rapidway project page, drop by our project information office [after January 2] at Highway 7 and South Park Road, or contact Nimisha Raja, your Community Liaison.

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The second phase of York Region’s rapid transit future (rapidways) is now a reality, and we couldn’t be prouder!

With our first complete Bus Rapid Transit segment now open for service along Highway 7 East (from Bayview Avenue to Warden Avenue), our region is moving ahead as planned with our commitment to making it easier for everyone to get around.

You know it looks great, but even better, taking transit across York Region is now easier, faster and more reliable. It’s no wonder ridership is already up 10% and customers’ average commute time is over 30% less than their previous commute.

And this is just the beginning! Imagine a future where it’s easy to get all around York Region on transit, with convenient, reliable Viva rapid transit service – moving you quickly and comfortably while avoiding traffic congestion. That future is already on the way, with vivaNext projects currently under construction along Highway 7 West, north along Yonge Street and across Davis Drive in Newmarket.

The transit network across the GTHA is getting better and stronger, too. Connections to the TTC’s Spadina Subway at the VMC will be ready for customers in 2017. Links to the GO Transit system are also being expanded through Regional Express Rail projects, and convenient commuter parking lots are in the works.

And those are just the projects that already have funding. Additional projects are ready to go, with the most important one, the Yonge North Subway Extension, already approved and just waiting for a funding commitment.

Growth in York Region isn’t going to stop, so our transit network needs to keep building, too. Those who live and work in York Region will have more choices on where to live and how to get around. Fortunately, as shown along Highway 7 East, we’ve got a winning formula with vivaNext.

So celebrate with us by getting on board, experience our vibrant urban corridors and see how rapid transit is transforming York Region in ways that are great for us all.

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