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spadina subway

Spadina Subway Extension

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Spadina Subway Extension

A subway line in Vaughan. Can you dig it?

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

This is where the Toronto-York Spadina Subway will end after extending north from Downsview Station to Highway 7 in Vaughan. This subway line will include six stops, 8.6 kilometres of track, and stress-free transit service every stop and kilometre along the way.

The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is the largest and most ambitious project in the area’s history. This mixed-use, transit-oriented development anchored around a tree-lined main street will include offices and retail, entertainment and cultural facilities. It will be a great place to work or relax. And getting there and getting around will be easy whether you walk or ride transit.

Are we there yet? Glad you asked. Completion date is set for 2017.

Click here to see architectural designs for the subway stations.

Looking for more information? Click to read the TYSSE Construction Notices, read the Project Newsletters, or Contact the TYSSE Project.


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