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Vin Bon

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Vin Bon

Feeling that it was time for a change, Rick Caldaroni decided to turn his passion into his career. A wine enthusiast and Vin Bon customer for ten years, Rick opened his Vin Bon franchise in Newmarket in 2000.

Primarily a brew-on-premise winemaking facility, Vin Bon offers the equipment, juices and expertise to make the wine of your choice. Featuring over 50 different types of wine – from red and white varieties to wine coolers and ice wines, wine connoisseurs are sure to find something to their taste at Vin Bon, plus all the accessories to complement their experience.

Rick enjoys the freedom of being a business owner, and especially loves the social aspect of his work; “your customers…they’re only your customers for a little while, then they’re your friends.” Helping people create wines they can be proud to share and serve – that’s what it’s all about for Rick.

Vin Bon recently relocated to 1100 Gorham Street, Unit 11B, a more spacious location, with better access and parking. The new location also means greater exposure for Rick’s business – the opportunity to attract more customers and meet new people in the community.

Over the past 20 years Rick has witnessed Newmarket’s growth in population and diversity – features that initially attracted him to the community: “Newmarket seemed to be the place to be.” And for Rick, it still is. He looks forward to the upcoming urban renewal along Davis Drive – “[it’s’] going to be a good thing.”

To learn more about Vin Bon’s products, services and winemaking process, and for Rick’s tips on serving and enjoying wine, check out this video.

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