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Pre-construction activities underway

Beginning the first week of May, and over the next few months, there will be various activities taking place on Highway 7 between Islington Avenue and Yonge Street.

Why is this work taking place?

VivaNext continues to work on the preliminary design and engineering of the rapidways. This requires further technical investigative work to ensure the accuracy of drawings, property lines and environmental records.

What type of work is being done?

  • Geotechnical investigations to determine pavement thickness and integrity of the material underneath
  • Utility investigation to determine location of various utilities and identify any conflicts
  • Surveyors are taking measurements and confirming property needs

What impact will there be?

  • A couple of these activities involve lane closures during off-peak hours (9:30am – 3:30pm)
  • The most noticeable impact will be the geotechnical investigation work, which involves drilling small (10 cm) holes at 200-metre intervals along the road
  • If your property is directly impacted as a result of the survey work, you will be personally contacted by York Region property services personnel

How long will all this work take?

  • The geotechnical investigations should be completed in three to four weeks
  • The utility work is only taking place between Highway 400 and Creditstone, and will be completed within two to three weeks. Utility work for the rest of the corridor will be done at a later date
  • Surveys will take approximately two weeks to complete

Visit the project page on our website for more details and visuals:

For more information about the vivaNext plan and to receive project updates, please visit, or contact your Community Liaison, Nimisha Raja.

Photo of professional surveyor

it’s paving season along Highway 7 West in Vaughan

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It’s an exciting time as the transformation of Highway 7 progresses!

Paving is being completed in sections over the next month and includes closures and detours. Please see below for details. To keep up-to-date, sign up for notices here.


Top coat: Eastbound Highway 7 West from east of CN bridge to GO Barrie bridge
work dates*: Wednesday, Aug. 17 to Thursday, Aug. 18
work hours: 7pm to 6am

Top coat: East and westbound Highway 7 West from Commerce Street to east of Edgeley Boulevard
work dates*: Thursday, Aug. 18 to Friday, Aug. 19
work hours: 7pm to 6am

RED in rapidway between Jane Street and GO Barrie bridge
anticipated work dates*: Thursday, Aug. 25 to Monday, Aug. 29
work hours: 7pm to 6am

RED in Jane & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Monday, Aug. 29 to Tuesday, Aug. 30
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Maplecrete & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Tuesday, Aug. 30 to Wednesday, Aug. 31
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Creditstone & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Wednesday, Aug. 31 to Thursday, Sept. 1
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Keele & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Thursday, Sept. 1 to Friday, Sept. 2
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Bowes/Baldwin & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*: Saturday, Sept. 3 to Sunday, Sept. 3
work hours:
7pm to 6am

* Please note: As with other road construction projects, some work may be rescheduled due to weather or other variables. We are committed to providing advance notice whenever possible.

1. Jane St. & Highway 7 intersection: middle segment

2. Creditstone Rd.: north and south of Highway 7

3. Top coat: westbound Highway 7 West from GO Barrie bridge to Jane Street

4. Top coat: eastbound Highway 7 West from Jane Street to east of the CN bridge