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Highway 7 West, lane restrictions for Millway Ave. closure

As part of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project (TYSSE), detour and access road construction begins this week to prepare for the upcoming long-term closure of Millway Avenue. Millway Avenue is anticipated to close on September 13 from Portage Parkway to Highway 7, including the Apple Mill Road intersection.

What work is being done?

Crews will connect Highway 7 to the Future Shop driveway and Apple Mill Road, and build a driveway from Interchange Way to Toromont CAT (see green lines on map).

When will the work happen?

Normal hours of work will be 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays), with some overnight and weekend work if required. Work begins this week and is scheduled to be complete before September 13.

What impacts will this have?

  • Temporary curb lane closure on westbound Highway 7, west of Millway Avenue.
  • Temporary lane restrictions on Apple Mill Road and the Future Shop driveway, and on Interchange Way (south of Highway 7).
  • Reduced speed or delays on Highway 7 as construction equipment is moved.
  • Construction-related noise – The City of Vaughan has amended a noise bylaw for the duration of this project.
  • YRT bus stops (#4734 and #4732) on eastbound and westbound Highway 7 at Millway Avenue will remain open initially, but will close later this fall once the intersection is under construction.
  • Sidewalks will remain open on one side of Highway 7.

How can I find out more about this project?

TYSSE project: | 1.800.223.6192 |
VivaNext rapidway project on Highway 7 West:

For more information about the vivaNext plan, contact your Community Liaison, Nimisha Raja.

Map of construction in the Highway 7 West and Millway Avenue area

it’s paving season along Highway 7 West in Vaughan

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It’s an exciting time as the transformation of Highway 7 progresses!

Paving is being completed in sections over the next month and includes closures and detours. Please see below for details. To keep up-to-date, sign up for notices here.


Top coat: Eastbound Highway 7 West from east of CN bridge to GO Barrie bridge
work dates*: Wednesday, Aug. 17 to Thursday, Aug. 18
work hours: 7pm to 6am

Top coat: East and westbound Highway 7 West from Commerce Street to east of Edgeley Boulevard
work dates*: Thursday, Aug. 18 to Friday, Aug. 19
work hours: 7pm to 6am

RED in rapidway between Jane Street and GO Barrie bridge
anticipated work dates*: Thursday, Aug. 25 to Monday, Aug. 29
work hours: 7pm to 6am

RED in Jane & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Monday, Aug. 29 to Tuesday, Aug. 30
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Maplecrete & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Tuesday, Aug. 30 to Wednesday, Aug. 31
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Creditstone & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Wednesday, Aug. 31 to Thursday, Sept. 1
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Keele & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*:
Thursday, Sept. 1 to Friday, Sept. 2
work hours:
7pm to 6am

RED in Bowes/Baldwin & Highway 7 intersection
anticipated work dates*: Saturday, Sept. 3 to Sunday, Sept. 3
work hours:
7pm to 6am

* Please note: As with other road construction projects, some work may be rescheduled due to weather or other variables. We are committed to providing advance notice whenever possible.

1. Jane St. & Highway 7 intersection: middle segment

2. Creditstone Rd.: north and south of Highway 7

3. Top coat: westbound Highway 7 West from GO Barrie bridge to Jane Street

4. Top coat: eastbound Highway 7 West from Jane Street to east of the CN bridge