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Highway 7 West being surveyed to prepare for rapidways

What work is being done?

Land surveyors will be taking measurements along Highway 7 (from Weston Rd. to Centre St.) and down Centre St. to Dufferin St. over the next two months. This segment is being given priority to coincide its completion with the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

The balance of survey work, between Helen St. and Yonge St., will commence at a later date. You will be advised in a new bulletin when the rest of the survey work will take place.

Why is it being done?

To more accurately document existing properties, road conditions and confirm property/project boundaries in preparation for building the vivaNext rapidways.

What impact will this have?

There should be little or no impact as surveyors use their portable measuring devices and make every effort to ensure area residents and businesses are not inconvenienced.

Where and when will the rapidways be built?

Rapidway construction will happen in two phases over several years:

  • Highway 7 between Highway 400 and Creditstone to coincide with the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension – 2012 to 2015
  • The balance of Highway 7 between Helen St. and Yonge St. – 2016 to 2020 

How can I stay informed about this project?

Visit the project page on our website for more details and visuals:

For more information about the vivaNext plan and to receive project updates, please visit, or contact your Community Liaison, Nimisha Raja.

Photo of professional surveyor

paving along Highway 7 West is wrapped up for the season

As construction continues along Highway 7 West, we’ve been paving between Commerce Street and the GO Barrie Bridge. The work is completed for the season, and will continue in the spring of 2016 as soon as the weather allows it. [sign up for notices here]


 [now complete]


from the CN Bridge to Keele: completed October 18

Creditstone Rd. intersection, south side, at Highway 7

completed: Sunday, September 27

Bowes Rd./Baldwin  Ave. intersection north side at Hwy 7

completed: Sunday, August 30

Edgeley Blvd/Interchange Way intersection north side at Hwy 7

completed: Sunday, August 16

Bowes Rd./Baldwin  Ave. intersection north side at Hwy 7

completed: Sunday, August 16

Edgeley Blvd/Interchange Way intersection south side at Hwy 7

completed: Monday, July 13

Highway 7 north side, east of Keele

completed: Wednesday, June 24