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The Canadian Press, April 25, 2016

New infrastructure funding by-the-numbers

OTTAWA — The federal government promises new money for provinces and cities to upgrade aging water and sewer pipes, and to pay for design and construction costs of new projects. Here is the total amount each province will receive through the community water and wastewater fund:

Jordan Press - The Canadian Press,

Grits release details of infrastructure cash

OTTAWA — Provincial governments are being told the first phase of the Liberal infrastructure program will cover the cost of new projects, as long as they are completed in three years.

Royson James - Toronto Politics Columnist, April 1, 2016

SmartTrack has its merits, but TIFs were never the means: James

SmartTrack always was, and continues to be, a great idea to move people around Toronto. It proposes to expand existing GO rail lines and corridors to serve commuters inside the city, not just those riding in from the outer suburbs.

Shawn Jeffords - Toronto Sun,

Next stop for Scarborough subway? Above ground?

The City of Toronto is now studying whether the Scarborough subway could be built above ground. Amid a slew of transit planning measures approved by city council Thursday. Councillor Josh Matlow got council to agree to having city staff and Metrolinx study the feasibility of running the subway extension “at-grade” entirely or in portions.

Lisa Queen - Newmarket Era,

York Region sees solid employment growth

York Region’s employment growth is outpacing the national and provincial labour markets, a new employment industry report says. Between mid-2014 and mid-2015, the region’s employment growth increased by 2.4 per cent, the report said.

Toronto Star, March 13, 2016

Extend the Yonge subway now

The time to extend the Yonge subway north from Toronto’s Finch Station to Richmond Hill is now. To be more specific, the time to begin the preliminary engineering and design work is now. Consider this, a project of this scope and magnitude will take at least 10 years to complete — so when the ribbon is cut to officially open the Yonge north subway extension, the new segment of the Spadina subway (which isn’t open yet) will have been in operation for at least a decade and Regional Express Rail/SmartTrack will be servicing thousands of commuters daily

Newmarket Era, February 25, 2016

York Region leaders head to Ottawa to request federal cash

The group will lobby for: • Extending the Yonge Street subway north from Finch Avenue to Richmond Hill’s Langstaff urban growth centre, which would help remove many of the 2,400 buses serving the route every day; •Completing the final four Viva rapidway segments, including along Yonge from Richmond Hill to Newmarket, east from Unionville station to Cornell, along Hwy. 7 west from Islington Avenue to Hwy. 50 and at Yonge Street and Green Lane;...