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TheCityFix [Embarq],

189 cities and counting: Track the growth of bus rapid transit on the redesigned!

With 19.3 million passengers per day, cities in Latin America account for 62% of all BRT or bus priority users. Brazil alone has more than 12 million daily passengers across 33 cities – with over three million in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro each. Asia comes in second with 27% of global ridership, while the United States now has 18 cities with BRT or bus priority corridors. . . .

Globe and Mail, December 17, 2014

TTC to add new debit and credit fare-payment options

With a smart-card fare system still years away, Toronto’s transit system is trying to make it more convenient for passengers to buy token or tickets. Andy Byford, the chief executive officer of the Toronto Transit Commission, said he is pushing also for a faster rollout of the Presto smart-card system. And he suggested – while refraining from comment on whether the nearly $1-billion system commissioned by the Ontario government was the right decision – that it is not always worth reinventing the wheel. . . .

Toronto Star,

TTC hopes to speed up launch of Presto card by a year

TTC CEO Andy Byford wants to move up the full launch of the electronic Presto card by a year.
The provincial electronic fare card isn't scheduled to be fully installed on all TTC buses, streetcars and subways until 2017. But Byford said he's pushing his staff and Metrolinx to get it done in 2016. The only caveat, he said, is that it must be reliable.
. .

Toronto Sun, December 12, 2014

GO Transit fare hike, UP Express rates get Metrolinx approval

TORONTO - It’s all fare. Metrolinx approved both a proposed 5% fare hike and the fare structure for the Union Pearson Express train at its public meeting Thursday. Deflecting criticisms the airport shuttle paid for by taxpayer money and opening in late spring was too pricey for the average commuter at $27.50 or $19 with a Presto Card, Metrolinx president and CEO Bruce McCuaig called the fare scale “fair.” . .

East Gwillimbury Era,

Wayne Emmerson is new chair of York Region

Former Whitchurch-Stouffville mayor Wayne Emmerson is York Region's new chairperson. He won the Region's top political job, beating out Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, 16 votes to 4. Markham Regional Councillor Jim Jones bowed out of race, backing Emmerson. Emmerson was mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville and a member of regional council for 17 years. .

Richmond Hill Liberal, December 2, 2014

Gormley GO station construction ‘great news’ for Richmond Hill commuters

Metrolinx and GO Transit officials announced this morning that the new Gormley GO station is under construction. To better meet the demand for increased service in York Region - and the Richmond Hill line that serves 10,000 riders every weekday - GO Transit is building a new station at Stouffville Road, north of the existing Richmond Hill GO station.

The Globe and Mail, November 29, 2014

Suburbs are booming with transit

Roam around the suburbs ringing Toronto and one thing you notice is how much governments are investing in new transit: new buses, new bus corridors, new stations. While Toronto talks endlessly about how to build better transit, the ‘burbs are getting it done.That is surprising, because for decades the suburbs were considered a transit desert, so spread out, so thinly populated and so hooked on the private automobile that trying to create a workable transit network was futile. But times are changing in the lands of malls and freeways.

Richmond Hill Liberal, November 28, 2014

Changes coming as Davis Drive in Newmarket takes shape

The scenery isn’t the only thing changing along Davis Drive. Beginning this month, construction crews will redo the Yonge and George streets and Barbara Road intersections. And, as the VivaNext rapidway station platforms and canopies between Yonge and Roxborough Road take shape, changes will alter how pedestrians and drivers use traffic intersections along the stretch of roadway. The rapidways are being built in the centre of the road .

Georgina Advocate, October 27, 2014

New buses for York Region come with savings

The Region of York could save more than $680,000 on new buses by partnering with 12 other Ontario municipalities. The joint transit purchase is being coordinated through the transit procurement initiative [TPI], a Metrolinx program that helps small and medium Ontario municipalities save money through bulk purchasing. . . . . . . . .