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Aurora Banner >> January 25, 2018

Let's get rolling on Yonge Street subway extension

The extension of the TTC subway up to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre opened Dec. 17 and was accompanied by much fanfare. And while the project’s completion means an important piece of the transit puzzle for York Region — and the GTA — is in place, one can’t help but wonder if another vital component, the Yonge Street subway...

City News >> December 19, 2017

Push towards presto raises concerns for low-income riders

Fare collectors have begun disappearing from TTC stations, beginning with the permanent closure of collector booths at Wilson and Sheppard West (formerly Downsview) stations over the weekend. And when the six new stations on the Line 1 subway extension on Dec 17 were opened, it was also without collectors sitting...

Global News Thunder Bay >> December 18, 2017

[Global News Thunder Bay broadcast] Subway opening ceremony

With today's weather a lot of people may have left the car at home and opted for public transit. And people living north of the city had good reason now that the TTC's subway extension into vaughan is up and running. Today was the first real test of the line...

City News Toronto >> December 18, 2017

TTC begins phasing out collector booths in favour of Presto

It’s out with the old and in with the new on the TTC, as collector booths will soon be a thing of the past at subway stations – starting with Sheppard West and Wilson stations on Sunday. Efforts to eliminate tokens, tickets and collectors were announced back in 2015. The TTC says closing collector booths is part of...

NOW Toronto >> December 18, 2017

In Photos: Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension

The line one subway extension taking TTC riders from Union Station to Vaughan officially opened December 17. In celebration of the six new stops including Downsview Park, Finch West, York University, Pioneer Village, Highway 407 and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, the TTC was free of charge all Sunday. Many took the opportunity...

CTV News Toronto >> December 18, 2017

TTC riders time out new commutes on newly minted Line 1 subway extension

Many commuters are testing out their new route to work and school this morning on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension. The Line 1 extension, which features six new stops, including Downsview Park, Finch West, York University, Pioneer Village, Highway 407, and Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, officially opened...

Global Toronto — The Morning Show >> December 18, 2017

[Global Toronto broadcast] Subway opening

It is a snowy first test for this new line and bought a lot of people coming in getting dropped off this morning or hopping off a YRT bus to stream into the new station, they have got big smiles on their faces, they are excited to test it out considering it was shaved off up to half an hour on their regular commute...

Newstalk 1010 >> December 18, 2017

[Newstalk 1010 broadcast] Subway opening

The ribbon was cut on Friday the subway started running yesterday. Today's the first rush hour commute on the new underground extension into York Region. 6 new stations that take the TTC's line one from Shepherd and the Allen out to Vaughan, near Highway 7 and Jane, it's going to take...

BT Toronto >> December 18, 2017

New subway extension spurs urban expansion

The new six stop York subway extension has not only connected the 416 to the 905 but it's also led to unprecedented growth north of Highway 401 and helped to create a brand new urban development in Vaughan...

CTV News Broadcast >> December 17, 2017

[CTV News broadcast] Subway opening

Ride on toronto's transit system today to celebrate the latest extension to it's subway system. This is the first train that was pulling out this morning from the end of the line, Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The 13 kilometre extension cost $3.2 billion, but today riding it will not cost...

Toronto Star >> December 17, 2017

Ready To Roll

When trains carrying the first passengers on the Spadina subway extension start rolling this morning, it will mark the opening of the first addition to Toronto’s rapid transit network in more than a decade. But while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Kathleen Wynne, Mayor John Tory and...

Metro News Toronto >> December 17, 2017

Toronto-York subway extension is now officially open

After years of waiting, the Line 1 expansion opened Sunday morning allowing riders to travel to Downsview Park, York University and all the way to Vaughan. The first expansion of Toronto's subway route in 15 years started at 8 a.m. from Sheppard West Station (formerly Downsview Station) and took travelers...

Global News Toronto >> December 17, 2017

Toronto-York Spadina subway extension officially opens

TTC riders on Line 1 can officially begin to use the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension. The new subway will take commuters from Vaughan to Union Station in an estimated 42 minutes. Shallima Maharaj reports...

CBC News Network >> December 16, 2017

[CBC News Network broadcast] Subway opening

It took 13 years and more than $3 billion to complete, but toronto now has a subway extension and it's finally ready. Six new subway stations opened this weekend, the new stations will take riders to York University and beyond to the city of Vaughan. This is the first subway extension since 2002...

CBC News Ottawa >> December 16, 2017

[CBC Ottawa broadcast] Subway opening

Subway station today and a free ride for everyone tomorrow >> get up to see these new stations, use the system, buses streetcars, trains to come and see this subway expansion. >> the city and ttc are inviting everyone to ride the rocket as no charge to celebrate the 6 new stations on...

CBC News Toronto >> December 16, 2017

TTC free to ride on Sunday to mark opening of Line 1 extension

The entire TTC network will be free to ride on Sunday to celebrate the official opening of the Line 1 extension into York Region. "I encourage everyone to take the TTC tomorrow to see the city and to come up to this impressive six-stop extension. We want to celebrate this rapid transit expansion,"...

CTV News Toronto >> December 15, 2017

[CTV News Toronto broadcast] Subway opening ceremony

This morning, the Prime Minister, Premier, and other dignitaries toured the shiny new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre before boarding a train to the new York University Station. It is the first new subway extension in Toronto in 15 years, but it's not without problems...

CP24 Toronto >> December 15, 2017

[CP24 Toronto broadcast] Subway opening ceremony

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mayor John Tory took part in the ribbon cutting this morning. They rode the new line one extension, starting at Vaughan Metropolitan Station. This is one of six new subway stops, which also includes Downsview Park and York University stations. The 8.6 kilometre extension was funded by all three levels of government...

CBC Toronto >> December 15, 2017

[CBC Toronto broadcast] Subway opening

We got on the bus at about 3:38 so that was almost an hour. the new subway station is just a few traffic lights down that way. going east. >> so here it is, the new subway station in vaughan, now today it took us two hours to get here, and no doubt with the new subway station should shave time...

Vaughan Citizen >> December 15, 2017

PM Justin Trudeau cuts ribbon to open Vaughan subway station

The public won't be able to ride it until the morning of Dec. 17, but the ribbon-cutting got the royal treatment for the new TTC subway extension to Vaughan the morning of Dec. 15, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on hand to do the honours...

Vaughan Citizen >> December 15, 2017

York Region Transit changing service for new TTC subway line

Commuters, plan your route accordingly as York Region Transit will have a number of changes starting Dec. 17. York Region Transit will undergo service changes to coincide with the opening of the new TTC Line 1 subway extension. In addition, more connections to new stations will be provided...

BT Toronto >> December 15, 2017

[BT Toronto broadcast] Line 1 Subway Extension Opening Ribbon Cutting

The ribbon will be cut on the ttc's new line 1 subway extension, and our transit specialist mika midolo is inside transit control with more on the extension. good morning. it's got to be an exciting day down at transit control. >> mika: it is, everyone is excited about the new extension...

Global News Toronto >> December 15, 2017

TTC set to begin service on Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension Sunday

After more than a decade of debate, planning and construction, the TTC is ready to open the new six-stop Line 1 subway extension that will see trains go to Vaughan from north-end Toronto. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Kathleen Wynne were among the high-profile dignitaries participating... >> December 15, 2017

Trudeau takes part in Toronto-York Spadina subway ribbon-cutting

Commuters have waited years but finally, on Friday, the ribbon was cut on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Premier Kathleen Wynne were among those on hand for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre — the first subway station...

BT Toronto >> December 15, 2017

‘Twas the week before Christmas: Subway comes to York Region this weekend

Construction on the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE) started in 2008, and at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, the dream will become a reality. Line 1 has been expanded 8.6 kilometres and six stations past Sheppard West Station, to York University and north to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The six new subway...

Daily Hive Toronto >> December 14, 2017

TTC board approve proposal for discounted university transit pass

A plan is moving forward to find a fare for a TTC Universal Transit Pass for post-secondary students. At this week’s TTC board meeting, staff were directed to report back with a final U-Pass proposal, which will include a business case analysis following stakeholder consultations in the first quarter of 2018... >> December 13, 2017

All TTC stations now equipped with cell service

Every TTC subway station is now equipped for cellphone service, allowing transit users to chat and text while they wait for their next train. But while the TTC is hailing it as a milestone with the potential to significantly improve the travel experience of millions of customers, the country’s three... >> December 12, 2017

What you need to know about the new Line 1 subway extension opening Sunday

After years of waiting, the city’s 8.6-kilometre Line 1 extension will finally open this week, adding six new stops to the city’s subway system. Starting Sunday morning, riders will be able to travel all the way to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, near Jane Street and Highway 7, with stops at Downsview Park...

Stouffville Review >> December 12, 2017

Changes Happening Throughout York Region In 2018

As York Region continues to grow and become popular for new residents and businesses, many have noticed significant changes occurring regularly to accommodate the growth. Which adjustments are being made by the area towns and cities compared to those undertaken...

Toronto Star >> December 04, 2017

If we want 21st-century transit we’re going to have to think big

Greater Toronto and the entire region have big transit problems, and to tackle them properly we’re going to have to think big. The Toronto Region Board of Trade has come up with just such a big idea — creating a new provincial agency that would take over the planning, financing, construction and operation...

Ryerson City Building Institute >> November 29, 2017

How Other Cities Govern Transit

We all know that transit needs to be fixed—but what are the problems, and how do we solve them? Last week, the Ryerson City Building Institute hosted “Breaking Transit Governance Gridlock,” an all-star panel to discuss the problems—and opportunities—facing regional transit governance... >> November 18, 2017

Toronto-York TTC Subway Extension Set to Open in 29 Days

The new TTC subway extension from Downsview Park Station in Toronto to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre in York Region will open on Dec. 17, just 29 days from today. The new subway extension will provide subway service that moves beyond regional boundaries in Ontario for the very first time...

Ottawa Citizen >> November 17, 2017

LOOK: A sneak peek into Downsview Park station, which opens in 30 days

On Friday, transportation minister Steven Del Duca, Mayor John Tory and other officials were given a tour of the brand new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Downsview Park stations. As of Dec. 17, it will mean subway service beyond regional boundaries in the province for the first time ever...

CityNews Toronto >> November 17, 2017

Toronto-York Spadina subway extension set to open in 30 days

In exactly one month, the long awaited Toronto-York Spadina TTC subway extension is set to open, promising faster and more convenient service to commuters. To mark the 30-day countdown, Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca, Mayor John Tory and other dignitaries were given a tour of the brand new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Downsview Park stations...

CTV News Toronto >> November 17, 2017

Toronto-York Spadina subway extension just 30 days away from opening

The countdown to the opening of the city’s first new subway in more than 15 years has begun. Officials from all three levels of government were on hand at the new Downsview Park Station on Friday morning to celebrate hitting the 30-day mark from the official opening of the new 8.6 kilometre Toronto-York Spadina Subway extension...

Real Estate Professional >> November 08, 2017

Transit investment creates great opportunity for GTA says report

The Ontario government’s investment of more than $160 billion over 12 years, coupled with developers’ investment in residential and commercial real estate will help the GTA’s projected growth in the next 25 years. A report from Avison Young says that there is significant opportunity for development and investment created by the growth areas around transit nodes in the GTA where there is a confluence of residential and commercial demand...

Parkdale Villager >> November 07, 2017

Council supports single fare for all transit trips in Toronto

Toronto Council has voted to press for a single-fare for transit within Toronto – whether on Metrolinx-operated commuter trains and buses, or on TTC vehicles – as a part of its negotiations with Metrolinx on fare integration as the Presto electronic payment system moves closer to replacing tokens and other fare media in Toronto...

Vaughan Citizen >> October 29, 2017

Vaughan gets peek at new TTC subway station ahead of Dec. 17 opening

Hundreds of people, including families, dignitaries and future riders, got a chance to take a look at Vaughan much heralded new TTC subway station and plans for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The event was held on Oct. 28 at the new subway station and allowed those keen to see the new digs a chance to venture into the station that will be open for business on Dec. 17...

CP24 >> October 28, 2017

[cp24 broadcast about subway station tours]

People were able to look at the vaughan metropolitan centre station. it has passier pick up and drop off as well as connections to the york region bus terminal and viva transit. it's one of the stations set to open in december...

680 News >> October 28, 2017

[680 News broadcast about subway station tours]

6 new TTC subway stations are taking shape after more than 10 years of construction future transit riders got a glimpse of 3 of the new stations that are part of the line one extension up to highway 7 once completed project director keith sibley says he'll be able to get from Vaughan one to union station in 42 minutes ...

City TV >> October 28, 2017

[City TV broadcast about subway station tours]

The public was invited to preview the new northerly editions to the line 1 extension. people got a firsthand look inside the pioneer village station on steeles avenue west, the 407 station on jane street and the vaughan metropolitan centre station on highway 7 west which got rave reviews from area residents. ...

CBC News >> October 28, 2017

[CBC News broadcast about subway station tours]

Six new stations will be added to the spadina line with the final stop all the way in vaughan. and that is where our natalie nanowski is live tonight. natalie, give us a sense of what's new there. >> reporter: take a look at this: it's very bright, very airy, and this is probably the coolest thing. if you look up here, there is a mirrored ceiling. it kind of reminds you of that awesome giant statue in chicago. this station is very centrally located. just at the corner of jane and highway 7...

24 Hours Toronto >> October 20, 2017

Countdown to Line 1 extension: 8 Weeks!

Located at Highway 407 north of Toronto, Highway 407 Station is a multi-modal transportation hub for the TTC, YRT/VIVA and GO Transit, and provides accessible bus service and space for a future 407 Transitway. Outside of the station, customers can soak in the coloured and textured concrete of the landscaping. Inside, the station’s...

24 Hours Toronto >> October 13, 2017

Countdown to Line 1 extension: 9 Weeks!

Located inside Downsview Park on the south side of Sheppard Ave. W., Downsview Park Station is the first stop northbound on the Line 1 extension. The station will provide access to Downsview Park and will allow for more transit-oriented development...

Vaughan Citizen >> April 17, 2017

Transit construction projects gearing up in York Region

Road work isn’t the only thing construction going to slow you down this year. Construction activity is gearing up on a number of vivaNext rapid transit projects in Vaughan, Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Markham. Projects include...

Toronto Star >> April 12, 2017

Ambitious development aims to give Vaughan downtown credibility

A 55-storey, residential tower that will be the tallest landmark on Vaughan’s emerging skyline, is being touted for bringing a distinctly urban vibe to that city’s ambitious downtown plans. CentreCourt Developments’ Transit City condos will be the first residential building in SmartREIT’s 100-acre Vaughan Metropolitan Centre development called SmartCentres Place.

Toronto Sun >> March 30, 2017

Transit is the missing piece

The Greater Toronto Area is on the cusp of an unprecedented population explosion, and while that signifies a healthy, prosperous region, concerns about its preparedness abound. Top of the list is an efficient transit system, and as urban planners at a CityAge conference learned recently, in Toronto, there is much work to be done.

Toronto Star >> January 31, 2017

GO expansion could boost GTA property values

An inter-regional transit terminal has broken ground at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre that will play a key role in the intermodal transit hub to support this burgeoning urban community adjacent to Toronto.

ReNew Canada >> January 24, 2017

Transit hub at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre underway

An inter-regional transit terminal has broken ground at Vaughan Metropolitan Centre that will play a key role in the intermodal transit hub to support this burgeoning urban community adjacent to Toronto.

Aurora Banner >> November 14, 2016

BIG 5: York Region’s most dangerous intersections revealed

The five most dangerous intersections in York Region are, for the most part, directly related to volume of traffic, according to Brian Titherington, the region’s director of road and traffic operations. Statistics show between 90 to 95 per cent of all North American crashes are due to driver error.

Newmarket Era >> November 11, 2016

Newmarket’s Yonge Street road construction could run into 2019

Yonge Street road construction is still in its early stages, but local transit officials are already bracing for project delays. After initially pegging December 2018 as the potential completion date for construction on the $430-million Yonge reconstruction, it appears timelines are already “under pressure” and work will likely continue into 2019, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation president Mary-Frances Turner told Newmarket’s committee of the whole Nov. 7.

Aurora Banner >> November 01, 2016

York Region eyes boosting YRT/Viva public transit bus fares

It looks like York Region public transit riders will be paying more to ride the bus over the next three years. Regional councillors will look at boosting YRT/Viva fares at a committee meeting Thursday. Any decision to would have to be endorsed by council Nov. 17.

Post City Toronto >> August 10, 2016

York Region launches “Yonge Subway Now” campaign

Regional Municipality of York has launched its “Yonge Subway Now” campaign in an effort to pressure the provincial and federal governments to expedite the controversial Yonge subway extension into Richmond Hill.

Toronto Star >> July 19, 2016

Metrolinx transit plan is on a roll

Your editorial fails to recognize that we are in the midst of the largest transit infrastructure build out in Ontario’s history, and by doing so, allows for rhetoric to deafen the reality that results are being delivered in every corner of this city and across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Torontoist >> July 15, 2016

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Yonge Subway Extension

While the Scarborough subway circus is in full bloom, you may miss the hullabaloo surrounding another suburban plan, the Yonge North Extension. It would take the Yonge subway seven kilometres north from its current terminus at Finch, across Steeles Avenue and into York Region.

Newmarket Era >> July 13, 2016

Newmarket unveils Ontario’s first Soofa bench at Riverwalk Commons

Fun in the sun may be one of the best ways to recharge your batteries — literally. Newmarket unveiled its first Soofa bench, which is equipped with a solar-powered charging station for portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, at Riverwalk Commons Wednesday morning.

Queen's Park Columnist >> June 20, 2016

Markham mayor ready for Yonge subway expansion north

I ruffled some feathers in a column June 2, when I suggested plans to expand the Yonge subway north into York Region without first building the Downtown Relief Line will pour thousands more commuters onto an already overburdened subway system.

Toronto Star >> May 25, 2016

More sprawl won’t solve affordable housing shortage

If we buy into the myths about out-of-control housing costs, we can’t get the right solutions. Rising housing prices continue to make headlines in the Greater Toronto Area. Nary a day goes by without some new record set, exciting homeowners at dinner parties and worrying young families saving for their first home.

Newmarket Era >> May 24, 2016

Concerned about empty buses on Davis Drive? Give system time, York Region says

Dave Kerwin is fuming over the number of “empty buses” he said are running along Newmarket’s Davis Drive these days... However, signs do point to increasing bus ridership along Davis since the rapidway opened in mid-December. There are about 1,000 boardings on the Viva Yellow (Davis) line, while 300 to 400 hop on the other routes that run along the road, each weekday, YRT/Viva general manager Ann-Marie Carroll said.

Globe and Mail >> May 24, 2016

Electric cars and unicorns: Ontario’s new green scheme

The future is going to be a lot of fun in Ontario. Just a few years from now, millions of us will be liberated from our evil fossil-fuelled transportation network. Millions of government-subsidized electric cars will whisk us silently to work. Our buses will run on biofuels. Our retrofitted geothermal-powered homes will keep us warm at prices much higher than today’s natural gas (which would be banned). Vast tracts of land will be diverted to solar panels, which will transform the sun’s rays into clean, green, righteous energy – as soon as we can figure out how to store it and attach it to the grid. Unicorns will frolic in our gardens, and pigs will fly.

Newmarket Era >> May 20, 2016

Resales at all-time high as York Region house prices climb 13.5%

Here’s good news if you’re planning on putting your house up for sale any time soon. The average price of a resale home in York Region increased by 13.5 per cent in 2015 to $777,927, Paul Bottomley, York Region’s manager of policy, research and planning in the economic development department, said during a presentation on the state of the region’s economy

Toronto Star >> May 11, 2016

Ontario setting new rules to end era of suburban sprawl across GTA

The era of sprawling suburban build-out across much of the GTA might finally be over. With 3.5 million people set to move into the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area over the next 25 years, the province is promising sweeping changes to manage smart growth and curb urban sprawl that’s crippling the region.

The Record >> April 25, 2016

New infrastructure funding by-the-numbers

OTTAWA — The federal government promises new money for provinces and cities to upgrade aging water and sewer pipes, and to pay for design and construction costs of new projects. Here is the total amount each province will receive through the community water and wastewater fund:

Guelph Tribune >> April 25, 2016

Grits release details of infrastructure cash

OTTAWA — Provincial governments are being told the first phase of the Liberal infrastructure program will cover the cost of new projects, as long as they are completed in three years.

Newmarket Era >> April 1, 2016

York Region sees solid employment growth

York Region’s employment growth is outpacing the national and provincial labour markets, a new employment industry report says. Between mid-2014 and mid-2015, the region’s employment growth increased by 2.4 per cent, the report said.

Toronto Sun >> March 31, 2016

Next stop for Scarborough subway? Above ground?

The City of Toronto is now studying whether the Scarborough subway could be built above ground. Amid a slew of transit planning measures approved by city council Thursday. Councillor Josh Matlow got council to agree to having city staff and Metrolinx study the feasibility of running the subway extension “at-grade” entirely or in portions.

Toronto Star >>March 13, 2016

Extend the Yonge subway now

The time to extend the Yonge subway north from Toronto’s Finch Station to Richmond Hill is now. To be more specific, the time to begin the preliminary engineering and design work is now. Consider this, a project of this scope and magnitude will take at least 10 years to complete — so when the ribbon is cut to officially open the Yonge north subway extension, the new segment of the Spadina subway (which isn’t open yet) will have been in operation for at least a decade and Regional Express Rail/SmartTrack will be servicing thousands of commuters daily

Newmarket Era >> February 25, 2016

York Region leaders head to Ottawa to request federal cash

The group will lobby for: • Extending the Yonge Street subway north from Finch Avenue to Richmond Hill’s Langstaff urban growth centre, which would help remove many of the 2,400 buses serving the route every day; •Completing the final four Viva rapidway segments, including along Yonge from Richmond Hill to Newmarket, east from Unionville station to Cornell, along Hwy. 7 west from Islington Avenue to Hwy. 50 and at Yonge Street and Green Lane;...

Globe and Mail >> February 12, 2016

Ottawa to increase federal share of infrastructure funding

Federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi says Ottawa will cover a greater share of infrastructure projects than the conventional three-way split with provinces and cities – a formula he said is unfair to municipal governments that have a limited ability to raise taxes.

Toronto Sun >> February 10, 2016

Metrolinx’s regional express rail options laid out

TORONTO - Are we on the right track for regional express rail? Metrolinx unveiled the four options it is considering in the push to roll out regional express rail across Toronto. The options will be presented to city council for consideration in March.

Aurora Banner >>February 11, 2016

Aurora GO train shuttle could be boom or bust for commuters

York Region is considering Aurora’s request to fund a shuttle bus service for GO train commuters after the town suggested bankrolling the service from an additional $15 million the region received in gas tax revenues from the provincial government.

National Post >> February 11, 2016

A seamless future for Toronto area transit – maybe

Say what you will about Ontario’s Liberal government: if it follows through on its infrastructure commitments, the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area’s (GTHA) public transit system will in a decade’s time be a reasonable approximation of what any comparable city would have demanded two decades ago. That’s a compliment. On Wednesday, the Metrolinx board heard presentations on major elements of this slow-brewing revolution.

Toronto Star >> February 8, 2016

Trudeau promises Canadian cities more funding, greater voice in Ottawa

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is promising a new relationship with Canadian municipalities to give them more funding and a greater voice in Ottawa. Trudeau has dusted off the “new deal for cities” initiative — formally launched by former prime minister Paul Martin — to revive Ottawa’s dealings with towns and cities as the new Liberal government prepares to go on an infrastructure spending spree

Globe and Mail >> February 8, 2016

Mayors urge Ottawa to send infrastructure funds directly to cities

Big-city mayors are calling on Ottawa to bypass the provinces and send new money directly to municipalities to get infrastructure projects started for the impending construction season. That was one of the messages delivered to Justin Trudeau on Friday in a rare meeting between mayors and the Prime Minister. The gathering provided an opportunity for cities to make their case directly to senior ministers as the federal government works out the details of a $60-billion infrastructure plan that will be outlined in the coming federal budget

Pickering News Advertiser >> Feb 08, 2016

New Pickering lot at Hwy. 407 encourages carpooling, transit use

PICKERING -- A new park and ride and carpool lot in Pickering could make life easier for commuters to take transit in Durham Region. The governments of Canada and Ontario, along with Metrolinx, recently announced the new lot on Brock Road at Hwy. 407

Toronto Star >> February 5, 2016

Infrastructure minister wants federal funds distributed ‘as soon as possible’

OTTAWA—Ottawa’s point man in charge of infrastructure says he is keen to quickly roll out billions of dollars in funding for urban projects in time for this summer’s construction season. Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi said the past two summer seasons have been “lost” and between $7 billion and $9 billion of infrastructure funding allocated by the previous Conservative government has gone unspent

Inside Toronto >> Feb 04, 2016

Mayors push feds on infrastructure cash

OTTAWA — The federal infrastructure minister says his government is willing to cut the strings on new infrastructure cash to help cities repair and build roads, bridges, sewers and public transit facilities. The Liberal government has been under pressure from big city mayors to loosen restrictions on promised infrastructure dollars so that cities can spend the money where they feel they need it most

Civil magazine >> January 22, 2016

Evaluating Coloured Asphalt BRT Lanes

The Regional Municipality of York in Ontario and CPATT at the University of Waterloo are working to find innovative and sustainable surface treatments for bus rapid transit lanes.

Vaughan Citizen >> January 21, 2016

York Region could be on hook for another $160 million for Spadina subway extension

After having to pitch in an additional $92 million last spring toward the over-budget and delayed extension of the Spadina subway, York Region could now have to contribute another $160 million, according to a TTC report on the project released last Friday. The additional funds are needed to cover a variety of extra costs such as known claim settlements, identified changes in scope that have not been finalized with the contractors, under-estimated budget for the remaining project scope, co-ordination of the work, risk mitigation strategies, litigation management costs and the forecasted cost exposure for unresolved claims and litigation matters.

Globe and Mail >> January 14, 2016

Ottawa eyes faster infrastructure spending to revive economy

The Liberal cabinet is looking at fast-tracking infrastructure projects and enacting measures to spur energy-efficiency retrofits of buildings and homes to kick-start an economy beset by collapsing oil prices and a tumbling Canadian dollar.

Newmarket Era >> January 11, 2016

Newmarket condo residents seek ramp to access Davis Drive

Patricia Willman had easy access to Davis Drive — now she wants it back. The Newmarket resident has been circulating a petition calling on the York Region Rapid Transit Corporation/vivaNext to rectify a situation she says it created between 250 and 260 Davis several months ago. The corporation replaced a staircase between the buildings, which feeds onto Davis, as part of the $260 million reconstruction project

Toronto Star >> December 13, 2015

Liberal government says shovel-ready infrastructure project could get some cash

Canada’s new infrastructure minister says projects that are shovel-ready and meet the Liberal government’s national objectives will get some of the billions in new federal cash being made available. Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi says those big objectives are threefold: grow the economy, create jobs and make the country more sustainable.

Globe and Mail >> December 11, 2015

Liberals not scaling back infrastructure plans despite deficit concerns

Liberal pledges of major new infrastructure spending will start to roll out “very soon” and the federal Infrastructure Minister says there is no question of scaling back the $60-billion program over deficit concerns. In an interview with The Globe and Mail at his government office in Ottawa, Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi said the Liberals actually have billions in additional cash to spend because the previous government was slow to devote promised infrastructure money to specific projects. “We are committed to making $60-billion in additional investments over 10 years,” he said.

Urban Toronto >> December 10, 2015

Viva’s Davis Drive Rapidway Now Open in Newmarket

Newmarket's Davis Drive has undergone a major transformation in recent years, with the street now reconfigured as a Viva bus rapidway which entered into service on November 29th. Although cosmetic elements of York Region Transit's $261 million project are still taking shape—with widened sidewalks and new plantings expected to be completed by May 2016—the 2.6 kilometre right-of-way provides a significantly faster connection across one of Newmarket's main arterials.

Newmarket Era >> December 7, 2015

[editorial]: Rapidway just start of Davis Drive transformation

The Viva Yellow bus route is up and running, meaning the bulk of the road construction on Davis Drive is complete. While the streetscape is already greatly improved, work will continue into next year to add greenery and other decorative elements. Even when all that is finished, however, the transformation of Davis Drive isn’t complete. You may have noticed concept art of a transformed Davis in the paper or on over the last few years when we reported on the project. That art includes buildings that don’t currently exist, often in place of existing buildings. While there’s no guarantee those existing buildings will be replaced, there’s no question part of the reason behind the new bus rapidway is to encourage redevelopment along Davis.

Newmarket Era >> November 29, 2015

Viva Yellow gets rolling on Davis Drive in Newmarket

As of today, those centre lanes along Davis Drive — that took some four years to build — will now have an occupant. Viva Yellow took its first ride along the new rapidway lanes, leaving at 6:52 this morning from the Newmarket GO Terminal off Eagle Street, and zipped across Davis Drive over to the new GO Park and Ride lot at Hwy. 404 and Davis. All in minutes flat – 14 to be exact

Newmarket Era >> November 27, 2015

Viva Yellow begins running on Davis Drive rapidway Sunday

After years of pain, Newmarket is finally about to gain the Davis Drive rapidway. The 2.6-kilometre Viva Yellow route will begin operation along Davis Drive at 6:52 a.m. Sunday morning. The bus will travel in the rapidway from Yonge Street to Roxborough Road, and then continue in mixed traffic with curbside stops and a turn-around at a new $4 million Hwy. 404 park and ride facility

The Record >> November 13, 2015

Ontario cities get $333 million for transit

The province is giving 95 Ontario municipalities a total of $332.9 million this year for public transit projects, an increase of $11.4 million from last year. Ontario generates about $2.4 billion a year from its 14.7 cents-a-litre tax on gasoline, and gives two-cents-a-litre to cities and towns to expand public transit.

Aurora Banner >> Nov 12, 2015

York Region drivers have longest GTA commute

Feel like you spend way too much time in your car driving to work? It’s not your imagination. York Region has the highest car ownership rates and the longest commute times in the Greater Toronto Area.

Newmarket Era >> November 12, 2015

Mulock GO train station being explored

A potential GO Transit train station at Mulock Drive is being considered by Metrolinx, says a representative from the provincial transportation authority. Metrolinx chief planning officer Leslie Woo said the site is among more than 50 being considered for new stations. A shortlist of potential sites will be created over the next few months and a recommended slate of new stations will be determined in the spring

Financial Post >> November 10, 2015

‘Commuter commerce’ rising: How buses are becoming the latest mobile shopping hotspot

Add the daily commute to a list of places where people are now shopping online. The 14 per cent of Canadians regularly engaged in so-called “commuter commerce” on the bus, streetcar or commuter train are spending an average of $529 per month on goods and services, and according to a new survey from Ipsos Reid and PayPal, and it’s predicted that will grow quickly.

National Post >> November 2, 2015

Ragan & McCaffrey: Price the roads to ease congestion

We are on the cusp of a transportation revolution in our cities. Traffic congestion is reaching intolerable levels and the people who suffer through it every day have pushed gridlock to the forefront of the political agenda. At the same time, new and disruptive technologies are emerging — responding to demand, and challenging traditional views about transportation.

Vaughan Citizen >> September 29, 2015

More bus rapid transit on the way along Hwy. 7

Construction of dedicated bus lanes along one of Vaughan’s busiest east-west roads — which has clogged up traffic for the past two years — is expected to continue until 2020.

Toronto Star >> September 28, 2015

Presto! Toronto is joining the smart card shift

My first public transit memory is my first unlimited bus pass. Ever since, I've always cared more about where transit goes than about finding tokens and tickets to pay for it. No matter where I am, I want the unlimited transit option.

Newmarket Era >> August 17, 2015

Davis Drive, Newmarket selfie contest starts

#mydavisdrive hashtag with photo enters you in contest - Take a pic with items purchased at a Davis Drive business and you could win some swag.The Town of Newmarket, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and vivaNext have teamed up to host the #mydavisdrive selfie contest, which runs Aug. 17 to Sept. 20.

Toronto Star >> Aug. 17, 2015

TTC rolls out talking buses

Vehicles automatically say their destinations when the front doors open. Talking buses and forward-facing dashboard cameras, already in use in York Region, and other North American transit systems, were among the measures the TTC said it would test in the wake of the death of Amaria Diljohn, 14, last December.

Newmarket Era >> July 30, 2015

Disabled people cannot walk Newmarket’s Davis Drive, senior says

Carol Coffey is visually impaired and requires the use of a cane to walk. As a 79-year-old cancer survivor, the Mount Albert resident has regular medical appointments at offices located along Davis Drive, between Southlake Regional Health Centre and The Tannery Mall — right in the heart of the ongoing $260-million road reconstruction project.

Richmond Hill Liberal >> July 27, 2015

Two transit projects will move us forward

Gridlock and traffic congestion are always a concern to our community — residents and businesses, alike. I’d like to bring you up to speed on transit projects in Richmond Hill that are certain to help. In June, Metrolinx announced it will move forward with the Yonge North Subway Extension project. Metrolinx’s Yonge Relief Network Study recommended the project be advanced to 15 per cent preliminary design and engineering.

Newmarket Era >> July 24, 2015

#myDavisDrive selfie could earn you $100

The Viva Rapidway is coming along as we can see from the flurry of activity on Davis Drive. As the transformation starts to unfold, it comes with some challenges such as traffic, construction and businesses that are feeling the pinch.

Aurora Banner >> July 3, 2015

[editorial] Keep road ‘bumps’ in perspective

It might not be pretty, but the VivaNext bus rapidway construction occurring on Hwy. 7 through Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill and along Davis Drive in Newmarket is a case of short-term pain for long-term gain.

Newmarket Era >> July 2, 2015

Transit in York Region: Where is it taking us and when will we get there?

Calling transportation the number one challenge facing York Region, council established a task force in May to tackle the issue. Meanwhile, with gridlock costing the economy of the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area $11 billion a year, the provincial and federal governments are pouring historic levels of funding into transportation infrastructure.

Richmond Hill Liberal >> June 29, 2015

Councillors applaud next step to put subway to Richmond Hill back on track

Metrolinx has recommended moving ahead with plans to build the Yonge Street subway north to Richmond Hill, a step heralded by councillors from York’s southern municipalities. “This is an important moment for both this project and transit development in the GTA,” said Vaughan Councillor Alan Shefman.

Toronto Star >> June 5, 2015

Vaughan’s hospital project comes to life

Vaughan's long-awaited hospital project is finally coming to fruition. The city announced last week that it has struck a deal that will allow Infrastructure Ontario to begin to receive proposals for construction of the new hospital in the next few weeks.

Globe and Mail >> June 5, 2015

New rules require Ontario megaproject bidders to set up recruitment programs

In a move that could create hundreds of skilled-trade apprenticeships and construction jobs in priority neighbourhoods, Queen’s Park is poised to enact legislation this week that will require contractors to hire apprentices and develop local recruitment programs if they want to bid on large infrastructure contracts, such as transit projects. >> June 3, 2015

Crossrail: The monster tunnelling under London streets

Subterranean London is a crowded environment, home to a tangled tapestry of tunnels, sewers, foundations, power lines and abandoned stations that excite archaeologists and send a shiver down the spine of anyone who has to actually build anything down there. Which makes it all the more remarkable that engineers have managed to construct 26 miles of fresh tunnels for the underground section of one of the world’s biggest engineering schemes: London’s showcase public transport project, Crossrail.

Newmarket Era >> June 02, 2015

Newmarket named best place to live in York Region, 23rd in Canada

An annual list of the best places to live in Canada keeps adding fuel to the friendly rivalry between Newmarket and Aurora. This year, Newmarket ranked as the best place to live in York Region, according to MoneySense magazine, placing 23rd in Canada out of 209 communities listed. >> May 28, 2015

York Region task force aims to tackle transportation challenges

Six months after municipal politicians got an earful from voters fed up with the impact of traffic congestion on their lives, York Region has launched a transportation task force. “Transportation has been the biggest issue [facing the region],” regional chairperson Wayne Emmerson said after the task force’s inaugural meeting Thursday afternoon.

Newmarket Era >> May 22, 2015

Newmarket’s Davis Drive named one of CAA’s Worst Roads

"Stay calm, we're on it." That's the message from Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen to residents after finding out Davis Drive placed second in the Halton-Peel-York-Durham area in the 2015 CAA Worst Roads campaign this week. "Davis has been recognized for decades as being problematic for our community, in terms of congestion, capacity and safety," Van Bynen said. "That's one of the reasons why we've made Davis a priority going forward. We'll see substantive change in the very near future." >> May 21, 2015

Province picks Markham for new York U.-Seneca campus

York University is coming to Markham. Reza Moridi, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities made the official announcement during a press conference Wednesday at the future site of the new campus at Markham Centre.

National Post >> May 20, 2015

Allan Richarz: Bringing our trains into the late 20th century

The bellwether in terms of advanced rail technology is the extensive, ultra-modern and truly impressive transportation system enjoyed in Japan; unsurprising given their 22 billion annual passenger trips, and being home to 44 of the world’s 50 busiest train stations.

Toronto Star >> May 19, 2015

New Metrolinx trip planner eight years in the making

Eight years ago — before it was even known as Metrolinx — the newborn Greater Toronto Transportation Authority promised a region-wide, web-based transit trip planner. The idea was to provide a tool that would help riders plan a journey beginning-to-end, even if it required using multiple municipal transit services and GO

Globe and Mail >> May 5, 2015

Asia doesn’t vote for subways, it builds them

Citizens of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, unite! You have nothing to lose but your gridlock! Hemmed between the ocean and the mountains, the Lower Mainland is choking now. The traffic contributes to Greater Vancouverites being Canada’s least happy people, according to a recent survey by Statistics Canada.

Globe and Mail >> May 4, 2015

New ideas for TTC buses could change how we Commute

The Concept: The Xoupir (the X is pronounced like an S) is a futuristic four-wheel drive city bus powered by wireless electricity and designed with today’s users in mind. It features smartglass tinted windows, free WiMAX ultra-high speed internet access, and you don’t need to buy a ticket or a pass to get onboard. .

Toronto Star >> May 1, 2015

Toronto needs more mid-rise condos, report says

The GTA is plagued by “dead zones” along many of its major streets that could become affordable new family-friendly neighbourhoods and vibrant shopping areas if rezoned for desperately needed mid-rise condo projects. Whole stretches of prime real estate — especially along key transit routes like the Bloor-Danforth subway — are hobbled by outdated zoning and low-rise buildings that would make ideal spots for five- to 11-storey condo complexes and new walkable, transit-oriented neighbourhoods, notes a new report being released Friday.

Newmarket Era >> May 1, 2015

Cultural shift means changes for York

...It’s no secret the entire GTA has undergone a fundamental shift from demands for the traditional suburban dwelling to a more urban direction over the past several years. Just look how Markham, Vaughan and Richmond Hill have morphed into thriving urban centres with intensified growth, boosts in transit investment and added high rises and condos...

Niagara This Week >> April 23, 2015

Ten transit projects funded in the budget

The Ontario budget unveiled Thursday by Finance Minister Charles Sousa includes $11.9 billion in funding for infrastructure and public transit projects in 2015-16. Here are 10 projects: >> April 22, 2015

Federal budget’s transit investment disappointing: York Region transportation committee chairperson Vito Spatafora

As pleased as the chairperson of York Region’s transportation committee is to see Ottawa investing in a multi-year program for transit in Canadian cities, he calls it a delayed pittance. “It’s a serious problem. We need (more) investment in transit infrastructure,” Richmond Hill Regional Councillor Vito Spatafora said yesterday. .

Toronto Star >> April 18, 2015

Federal budget expected to highlight transit funding

Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s pre-election juggling act takes centre stage on Tuesday with a budget highlighted by billions of dollars in new spending and tax breaks for families, business and public transit in Toronto and other big cities.

Newmarket Era >> April 17, 2015

Construction beginning at Davis Drive, Hwy. 404 park and ride

Expect even more construction along the Davis Drive corridor over the next few months. The expansion of the Ministry of Transportation carpool lot near the Davis Drive and Hwy. 404 overpass is scheduled to get underway. Once complete, it will feature separate platforms and covered shelters for use by YRT/Viva and GO Transit bus riders.

Stouffville Sun-Tribune >> April 8, 2015

Can we learn from faster-growing Milton?

We’re up there, but Whitchurch-Stouffville is not the fastest growing place in Canada. Close. But our puberty-like growth spurt during the past decade isn’t even the largest in the GTA. That distinction, honourable or otherwise, falls to Milton, the Halton region community on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, which may be best known as the home town of all-world astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Newmarket Era >> April 2, 2015

Davis Drive project costs pegged at $261M

The provincially funded reconstruction of Davis Drive is expected to cost about $261 million. That’s the number floated in a project status report issued recently by the York Region Rapid Transit Corporation.

York Region >> March 26, 2015

York leaders seek ‘tools’ to fund regional transit, roads

After Greater Toronto Area mayors and chairpersons met with Premier Kathleen Wynne Tuesday to discuss collaborating on a number of issues, they are now looking to the upcoming provincial budget for new “revenue tools” to bankroll roads and transit, Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti said at a York Region transportation symposium yesterday.

Toronto Star >> March 12, 2015

Scarborough LRT would attract more development than subway: Study

Toronto Mayor John Tory mused last week — following reports the Spadina subway extension to Vaughan could run as much as $400 million over budget — that perhaps the red rocket could initially run only as far as York University. But that’s a non-starter for local politicians. Transportation Minister and Vaughan MPP Steven Del Duca has repeatedly said he expects the subway to run all the way to York Region, as promised by the TTC when the province invested $870 million into the $2.5 billion project .

Vaughan Citizen >> March 11, 2015

Vaughan politicians vow to keep Spadina subway extension on track

Toronto Mayor John Tory mused last week — following reports the Spadina subway extension to Vaughan could run as much as $400 million over budget — that perhaps the red rocket could initially run only as far as York University. But that’s a non-starter for local politicians. Transportation Minister and Vaughan MPP Steven Del Duca has repeatedly said he expects the subway to run all the way to York Region, as promised by the TTC when the province invested $870 million into the $2.5 billion project .

Toronto Sun >> March 9, 2015

Inside the new Union-Pearson Express

Metrolinx officials are defending the cost of riding the soon-to-launch Union-Pearson Express, arguing the service will appeal to anyone who wants to get to Pearson International Airport in a reasonable amount of time. While no date has been set for the Union Station-to-airport service to begin, reporters were provided Monday with a ride on the express train. . . . .

Thornhill Liberal >> March 05, 2015

Put new facility in southern York, urge regional councillors

Ten months after the most recent decision by York Region councillors to move forward with a $212.8-million administrative annex building adjacent to the Newmarket headquarters, two councillors now want the project moved to Richmond Hill to serve the growing population in the three southern municipalities.

Vaughan Citizen >> March 06, 2015

Subway extension into Vaughan $400 million over budget

York Region could be on the hook for more money for the extension of the Spadina subway to Vaughan, according to reports, which say the project is over-budget and taking longer than expected to complete. The extension of the line from Downsview to York University and up to Vaughan is about $400 million over budget. .

Richmond Hill Liberal >> March 2, 2015

York Region removing 1,000 trees for bus lanes

Starting yesterday, trees along Yonge Street in Richmond Hill and Newmarket will be marked with spray paint and ribbons before being removed for construction of the VIVAnext Yonge Street Bus Rapidway.

Toronto Star >> February 12, 2015

Stouffville GO track expansion moves ahead

Metrolinx is tendering the first phase of construction to expand the Stouffville track, a key piece of plans for all-day service — and of Mayor John Tory's SmartTrack plan.

Toronto Sun >> February 11, 2015

Council buries Matlow request for more Scarborough subway info

Council voted to put something underground on Tuesday — a request for information. Councillors opted to bury Councillor Josh Matlow’s push for more information about the Scarborough subway extension rather than inch closer to restarting the debate over the transit project . .

Toronto Sun >> February 05, 2015

Rider estimates for Scarborough subway project sought

The controversial Scarborough subway project will be back on the docket at city council next week, with one of the project’s opponents demanding answers to key questions about ridership and financial viability.

Newmarket Era >> January 5, 2015

IN WITH THE NEW: Plenty of ‘new’ emerging in Newmarket

There’s plenty of ‘new’ emerging in Newmarket. From the changes along Davis Drive, the recent opening of a splash pad, the anticipated completion of Old Town Hall and the addition of unique restaurant and shopping experiences — the town’s landscape is certainly changing. First there’s Davis, which is expected to be finished in December 2015. . . . .

TheCityFix [Embarq] >> December 17, 2014

189 cities and counting: Track the growth of bus rapid transit on the redesigned!

With 19.3 million passengers per day, cities in Latin America account for 62% of all BRT or bus priority users. Brazil alone has more than 12 million daily passengers across 33 cities – with over three million in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro each. Asia comes in second with 27% of global ridership, while the United States now has 18 cities with BRT or bus priority corridors. . . .

Globe and Mail >> December 17, 2014

TTC to add new debit and credit fare-payment options

With a smart-card fare system still years away, Toronto’s transit system is trying to make it more convenient for passengers to buy token or tickets. Andy Byford, the chief executive officer of the Toronto Transit Commission, said he is pushing also for a faster rollout of the Presto smart-card system. And he suggested – while refraining from comment on whether the nearly $1-billion system commissioned by the Ontario government was the right decision – that it is not always worth reinventing the wheel. . . .

Toronto Star >> December 16, 2014

TTC hopes to speed up launch of Presto card by a year

TTC CEO Andy Byford wants to move up the full launch of the electronic Presto card by a year.
The provincial electronic fare card isn't scheduled to be fully installed on all TTC buses, streetcars and subways until 2017. But Byford said he's pushing his staff and Metrolinx to get it done in 2016. The only caveat, he said, is that it must be reliable.
. .

Toronto Sun >> December 12, 2014

GO Transit fare hike, UP Express rates get Metrolinx approval

TORONTO - It’s all fare. Metrolinx approved both a proposed 5% fare hike and the fare structure for the Union Pearson Express train at its public meeting Thursday. Deflecting criticisms the airport shuttle paid for by taxpayer money and opening in late spring was too pricey for the average commuter at $27.50 or $19 with a Presto Card, Metrolinx president and CEO Bruce McCuaig called the fare scale “fair.” . .

East Gwillimbury Era >> December 11, 2014

Wayne Emmerson is new chair of York Region

Former Whitchurch-Stouffville mayor Wayne Emmerson is York Region's new chairperson. He won the Region's top political job, beating out Newmarket Regional Councillor John Taylor, 16 votes to 4. Markham Regional Councillor Jim Jones bowed out of race, backing Emmerson. Emmerson was mayor of Whitchurch-Stouffville and a member of regional council for 17 years. .

Richmond Hill Liberal >> December 2, 2014

Gormley GO station construction ‘great news’ for Richmond Hill commuters

Metrolinx and GO Transit officials announced this morning that the new Gormley GO station is under construction. To better meet the demand for increased service in York Region - and the Richmond Hill line that serves 10,000 riders every weekday - GO Transit is building a new station at Stouffville Road, north of the existing Richmond Hill GO station.

Globe and Mail >> November 29, 2014

Suburbs are booming with transit

Roam around the suburbs ringing Toronto and one thing you notice is how much governments are investing in new transit: new buses, new bus corridors, new stations. While Toronto talks endlessly about how to build better transit, the ‘burbs are getting it done.That is surprising, because for decades the suburbs were considered a transit desert, so spread out, so thinly populated and so hooked on the private automobile that trying to create a workable transit network was futile. But times are changing in the lands of malls and freeways.

Richmond Hill Liberal >> November 28, 2014

Changes coming as Davis Drive in Newmarket takes shape

The scenery isn’t the only thing changing along Davis Drive. Beginning this month, construction crews will redo the Yonge and George streets and Barbara Road intersections. And, as the VivaNext rapidway station platforms and canopies between Yonge and Roxborough Road take shape, changes will alter how pedestrians and drivers use traffic intersections along the stretch of roadway. The rapidways are being built in the centre of the road .

Georgina Advocate >> October 27, 2014

New buses for York Region come with savings

The Region of York could save more than $680,000 on new buses by partnering with 12 other Ontario municipalities. The joint transit purchase is being coordinated through the transit procurement initiative [TPI], a Metrolinx program that helps small and medium Ontario municipalities save money through bulk purchasing.

Globe and Mail >> October 17, 2014

Toronto suburb puts the emphasis on urban

...In about two or three years ...there’ll be a carousel with crazy characters to straddle at the main intersection of this very new, and very urban, development in the heart of Markham, plus oodles more green space in which to run around ...And all of this in what used to be car-dependent suburbia.

Toronto Star >> October 15, 2014

Places to Grow: the reshaping of the GTA

It has been nearly a decade since the Ontario government introduced Places to Grow — the provincial growth plan created to strategically accommodate future population growth, support economic prosperity and achieve a high quality of life for all Ontarians — and one doesn’t have to look far to notice the effects.

Newmarket Era >> October 10, 2014

LETTER: Disappointed with Davis Drive negativity

I am disappointed in the amount of negative opinions I continue to hear regarding the construction on Davis Drive in Newmarket... We cannot move forward and make improvements and upgrades to our already wonderful community without changing the existing infrastructure.

Vaughan Citizen >> October 09, 2014

Vaughan’s downtown landmark set to rise

When Mitch Goldhar, owner of SmartCentres, teamed up with a few partners to buy 100 undeveloped acres at Edgeley Boulevard and Hwy. 7 nearly 20 years ago, he envisioned it as the future home of a big-box-store plaza with a sprawling parking lot. That is, after all, the type of development he’s been building for more than a decade since teaming up with retail giant WalMart to expand its presence in Canada. City council’s vision, at that time, was much different.

Ontario Newsroom >> October 8, 2014

Ontario Investments in Transit Fostering Growth

Public Transit Expansions Fueling Development in Vaughan’s New Downtown. Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Vaughan today to celebrate the groundbreaking for a new office tower at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The government is helping to build up downtown Vaughan with smart investments in public transit

Newmarket Era >> October 6, 2014

York Region seeks your input on transportation master plan

York Region is updating its transportation master plan and wants your input. “We really value the feedback that our residents, our businesses and our road users provide us,” infrastructure management and project management office director Stephen Collins said. “I would encourage everyone to become involved and to provide their input...”

Toronto Star >> September 24, 2014

GTA home buyers prefer walkable neighbourhoods, study says

A new study says that the vast majority of homebuyers – 81 per cent – would choose less car-dependent neighbourhoods over big lawns and extra bedrooms if cost were not a factor. The dream of home ownership in the Toronto region is evolving, with more home buyers prioritizing a walkable neighbourhood over floor space.

Markham Economist & Sun >> September 19, 2014

Section of bus-only lane opens in Markham

Transit within Markham’s main hub is finally beginning to take shape. An announcement Monday morning marked the official opening of the next segment along the bus rapidway – now extending along Hwy. 7 from Hwy. 404 to South Town Centre Boulevard.

Y File >> September 18, 2014

President offers an insider’s guide to the York in York Region campus

During his annual town hall on Tuesday, President and Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri delivered an insider’s guide to York University’s proposal for a new campus in York Region. Speaking to a near capacity crowd in the Tribute Communities Recital Hall on the Keele campus, Shoukri delivered a comprehensive overview about why a new campus situated in Markham, Ont., would benefit York Region and the University.

Toronto Sun >> September 16, 2014

Province to release own timetable on GTA transit projects

Municipal candidates with transit dreams will have to wait their turn. Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca said his ministry will try to knit together the municipal wishlists across the Greater Toronto Area but intends to release its own timetable by the end of the year for when projects are built during the next decade

Markham Economist & Sun >> September 15, 2014

University urges public to voice support for new campus

Are you in favour of a York University satellite campus right here in Markham? Following last week’s announcement of the proposed Markham location and funding commitments for a proposed campus, York University is asking for your support. “We need everyone’s voice to build the case that York Region should be home to a new campus,” York University president and vice-chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri said in a statement on Monday

Markham Economist & Sun >> September 11, 2014

New campus would sit on land near Pan Am Centre

The next steps toward a proposed York University satellite campus in the heart of Markham were revealed during a special announcement Thursday afternoon. Regional politicians, media and supporters gathered at the Remington Group Presentation Centre on Enterprise Boulevard as Mayor Frank Scarpitti spoke of the proposed campus’ location, in collaboration with academic partner Seneca College.

Y File >> September 11, 2014

Location and funding commitments announced for proposed York U campus in York Region

The bid for a York University campus in York Region took a major step forward on Thursday, Sept. 11 with the official announcement of the proposed campus location north of Highway 407 between Kennedy Road and Warden Avenue, in the City of Markham, along with significant commitments from both The Regional Municipality of York and the City of Markham. .

East Gwillimbury Era >> September 10, 2014

$20 million GO Transit garage opens in East Gwillimbury

A new $20-million GO Transit bus service and storage facility has officially opened in East Gwillimbury. York-Simcoe MP Peter Van Loan helped open the new Garfield Wright Boulevard facility Monday morning. . .

Vaughan Citizen >> September 9, 2014

Whole new world underground for TTC crews constructing Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station

From the surface, it doesn't look like much. When you step on to the site of the future Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station, which will act as end-of-the-line for the Toronto York Spadina Subway extension, it doesn’t appear all that different from any number of other construction projects on the go across the GTA... All of that changes, however, as you approach the trench. .

Aurora Banner >> July 18, 2014

Newmarket passes growth plan

Newmarket is preparing itself for the next 20 years with the passage of an urban centres secondary plan, according to several town council members. Council approved the plan, which outlines the path for growth and development in the Yonge Street and Davis Drive urban corridors. .

CBC News >> July 17, 2014

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre expected to be centre of development

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station serves a city centre that has yet to materialize. The station itself is expected to kick start development of a future residential and work hub that should reach a population density never before seen in York Region. Paul Raff Studio embedded their “Atmospheric Lense” artwork into the station’s entry pavilion dome to create the effect of a large, overhead low-relief sculpture.

CBC News >> July 8, 2014

Building a new, beautified subway line

Art will blend with architecture in the six new subway stations now taking shape along the TTC's Spadina Extension subway line, set to open in the fall of 2016. Over the next week, CBC Toronto will feature a profile on each of the new stations plans, examining both the art and architecture of the stops on the new line .

Toronto Sun >> July 2, 2014

Metrolinx plans to electrify GO trains

Metrolinx says over the next 10 years it plans to electrify its GO trains, delivering 15-minute service for around $12 billion. In a report to the transit agency’s board on regional express rail, Metrolinx says it plans to pursue the service improvement. >> June 23, 2014

York U. picks Markham for campus expansion

York University in collaboration with Seneca College announced today that, after a competitive process, Markham Centre has been selected as the preferred location in its bid to build a new university campus in York Region.

Transit Toronto >> May 26, 2014

Getting Ready for Rapidway Construction: Highway 7 West, Starting May 26

Metrolinx and York Region contractors continue to get ready to build a rapidway — bus-only lanes in the centre of the roadway — along Highway 7 West from west of Jane Street to east of Keele Street. Over the next five months — or until about October 24 — crews will shift, reduce and narrow traffic lanes between Jane Street and a point east of the Canadian National Railways bridge to accommodate various work activities for the upcoming rapidway construction. >> April 22, 2014

Rapid transit lanes to be built on Yonge Street in Newmarket, Richmond Hill

Get ready Newmarket and Richmond Hill. Work on the rapidways along Yonge Street in your communities is about to get underway. This morning, it was announced that York RapidLINK Constructors had been awarded the $260.5-million contract to design and build the VivaNext bus rapidways on two stretches of Yonge in Newmarket and Richmond Hill. >> April 17, 2014

Premier promises better transit for York Region

Addressing the Toronto Region Board of Trade last week, Premier Kathleen Wynne again stressed the need for action on the transportation and transit file and announced her government’s intention to make close to $29 billion available over the next decade.

Toronto Star >> April 14, 2014

Liberals tout billions in Toronto area transit spending

On the eve of a major announcement on public transit by Premier Kathleen Wynne, the provincial Liberals have released a progress report touting the government’s $100 billion in transit and infrastructure spending since 2003. >> February 4, 2014

Viva rapidway wins public works award

The stretch of the Hwy. 7 Viva bus rapidway that opened in Richmond Hill last summer received top honours from the Ontario Public Works Association this week.

CTV Toronto News >> December 5, 2013

ttc subway tunnelling on spadina now complete

Now that the tunnelling on the Spadina line is complete, John Musselman takes a look underground at another milestone reached in the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension [TYSSE]. The extension will open in late fall 2016.

Vaughan Citizen >> December 4, 2013

Tunnelling complete on Spadina subway extention to Vaughan

The final segment of tunnelling was finished this week when the tunnel boring machine known as Torkie broke through the headwall at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station site, finishing the tenth and final tunnel drive for the project.

Toronto Star >> December. 1, 2013

More density downtown will cut down on gridlock: Humes

The Pembina Institute's Cherise Burda says towers aren't necessary to create density. "Density isn’t just about building highrise dorms for people in their 20s. We need midrise on the avenues,” — Toronto’s main streets — “and elsewhere. Governments need to change the rules to encourage midrise. We have lots of space in downtowns."

Toronto Star >> November 29, 2013

the high cost of GTA commuting

The commute to work is going to get worse as investments in new roads fail to keep pace with suburban growth. We take a look at two different daily drives.

Aurora Banner >> November 26, 2013

Tory urges York to keep backing transit plan

The former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader and current Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance chairperson was raising awareness about CivicAction’s latest campaign and reiterating the importance of supporting new, dedicated funding for transit expansion in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Newmarket Era >> November 13, 2013

Next phase in VivaNext work in Newmarket to begin in spring

VivaNext announced plans to begin construction along Yonge Street in 2014. Yonge portion of the VivaNext rapidway project will have three stations at Yonge at Mulock, Eagle and Davis, providing connection to Southlake Regional Health Centre and Hwy. 404.

Toronto Star >> October 30, 2013

Subway, LRT or bus: the pros and cons

Each mode has benefits depending on where it runs and how many people it is expected to carry. Light rail is certainly the most misunderstood of Toronto's three major transit modes. But it has definite advantages over both buses and subway lines, depending on the nature of the neighbourhoods it serves and the city's finances.

Toronto Star >> October 21, 2013

When transit opens doors

Liberty Development has made transit accessibility a key factor in its forward-focused development strategy. “Every one of our developments under construction right now is within 50 feet of a bus or potential subway line,” says the company’s senior vice-president, Marco Filice, noting that more and more buyers in the 905 are seeking condos that offer transit access.

Richmond Hill Liberal >> September 23, 2013

Yonge subway extension to Richmond Hill hits obstacles

Metrolinx is forging ahead with its relief line study, but York Region politicians hope they won’t be kept waiting for work on the Yonge subway extension to start while the Toronto Transit Commission addresses capacity issues.

Spacing Toronto >> September 13, 2013

York Region’s Rapidways: the good, the bad and the ugly

The Highway 7 Rapidway is part of a much larger “VivaNext” plan for building new rapid transit corridors and upgrading others across York Region. Rapidways are also under construction on Highway 7 in Vaughan near the terminus of the Spadina Subway extension, and on Davis Drive in Newmarket, which will see new Viva service in 2014. Further phases include Highway 7 and Centre Street in Vaughan and Yonge Street north from Highway 7 in Richmond Hill.

National Post >> September 10, 2013

While politicians bicker over Scarborough transit, construction is well underway on subway to Vaughan

North of Highway 7, “rodmen” are dirty and sweaty, tying reinforcement bar to the walls of the cavernous trench that will become Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Station, the future terminus of the University-Spadina subway line. Struts, which look like big steel pipes, run across the excavation, holding back the earth primeval until crews can pour concrete walls.

Toronto Sun >> September 9, 2013

Touring Toronto’s new subway tunnel

We’re touring the $2.6-billion Toronto-York Spadina subway extension, which is half built. By the fall of 2016, God and Metrolinx willing, travellers will be whisked in mostly subterranean comfort between the wilds of Vaughan and a reborn Union Station.

National Post >> September 9, 2013

Much talk but little action on improving city for Toronto’s ‘Little Bike People’

Cycling as transportation, a folly once limited to Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Asia, is today a global pandemic. The Guardian reports that "Cyclists make up an incredible 24% of vehicles in London's morning rush hour." New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his crusading transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, have crisscrossed Manhattan and Brooklyn with almost 300 miles of bike lanes, many of them protected lanes painted green. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel envisions 100 miles of green bike lanes. In Montreal and Vancouver, cyclists pedal physically separated bike lanes on major thoroughfares.

National Post >> August 27, 2013

Why cities should choose buses over LRTs

When it comes to moving large numbers of people efficiently through urban areas, it’s hard to beat good old-fashioned heavy rail subways and metro lines. But these projects come at a steep price, and don’t make sense in many areas. Yet, politicians looking for cheaper options too often fall for the superficial idea that anything that runs on train tracks must be a good idea. The smarter strategy in many cases is to look instead at the numerically dominant form of mass transit — the humble bus — and ask what can be done to make it less humble.

Greater Greater Washington >> August 27, 2013

Suburban Toronto’s Viva offers lessons for Montgomery BRT

Can high-quality bus rapid transit work in a suburban context like Montgomery County? Yes, if there's effective branding and quality infrastructure. That's the lesson from Viva, the BRT network serving York Region in suburban Toronto.

City News Toronto >> August 15, 2013

YRT bus-only lanes to open on Hwy. 7 Sunday

Transit riders in York Region will get their first taste of rapid transit on Sunday, when York Region Transit/VIVA opens a dedicated bus-only lane on Highway 7. The bus rapid transit (BRT) route will run between Highway 404 and Bayview Avenue and will be integrated into the existing transit network, Rick Takagi, acting director of transit operations for YRT/VIVA, tells CityNews.

Toronto Star >> July 29, 2013

TTC tries to get name right on Pioneer Village Station

The Black Creek Pioneer Village Station was originally conceived as Steeles West Station, after the street where it stops near Jane. Even though it’s about 800 metres from the pioneer village, the TTC board voted last year to honour the museum and make it easy for tourists to find the place.

Markham Economist & Sun >> June 26, 2013

Some Highway 7 work to wrap up next month

Construction on the VivaNext rapidway on Hwy. 7 between Bayview Avenue and Hwy. 404 is nearing completion. The stretch is expected to open by the end of August, Viva spokesperson Dale Albers said. adding other segments of the rapidway under construction in Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Markham and along Davis Drive in Newmarket remain on schedule.

Globe and Mail >> June 10, 2013

Why Toronto is putting pedestrians first

The design and construction of the vivaNext rapidway projects includes pedestrians and cyclists as an integral part of the transit plan. Bike lanes have been incorporated along the rapidways where road width allows.

Markham Economist & Sun >> May 13, 2013

More mayors pledge support for CivicAction plan

Three York Region mayors pledged their support for better transit today, although there was some disagreement among them on how best to pay for it. Richmond Hill Mayor Dave Barrow, Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua and Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti joined members of their respective councils at the Richmond Hill Centre bus terminal to add their names to the growing list of York politicians calling on the province to implement new, dedicated revenue tools to expand the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area's transit and transportation infrastructure.

Markham Economist & Sun >> May 1, 2013

Hwy. 7 paving expected to last 6 weeks

The coming of warmer weather marks the start of patio season. It also marks the beginning of construction season. So if you’re planning to take Hwy. 7 through the heart of York Region, pack some patience these next six weeks as paving work begins between Bayview Avenue and Hwy. 404.

Globe and Mail >> May 1, 2013

Ontario rethinking Toronto region’s $34-billion transit plan

Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray says he is revisiting a $34-billion transit blueprint for the Toronto region – a move that could reopen debate after years of provincial and municipal planning. Cities and the province’s transit agency, Metrolinx, have spent millions of dollars and several years designing the next phase of the province’s so-called Big Move – 10 big-ticket projects including Toronto’s long-awaited downtown relief line, the Yonge Street subway extension, and light-rail lines in Mississauga and Hamilton.

Thornhill Liberal >> April 11, 2013

Put buses where the people are

A fundamental tenant of a walkable community is that buses and stations/stops need to be where the people are and where they are going. Viva’s rapidway will connect my marvelously walkable Beverly Glen neighbourhood and our near neighbours south of Centre Street with the growing Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and the Richmond Hill transit hub with its connections to GO buses and trains and transit connections to downtown Toronto.

National Post >> March 25, 2013

Neighbourhood News: Markham in motion

Everyone wants to love their neighbourhood. It’s about more than the streets you drive along to get home after work, more than how far you are from transit or the dentist. It’s about connecting with the place and the people. This multi-part series explores some of the many vibrant neighbourhoods in and around the GTA and what makes them thrive. Frank Scarpitti grew up exploring the brooks and brush of Milne Dam Conservation Park in Markham. Like most kids, he got a kick out of nature.

Toronto Star >> March 19, 2013

Tough but vital transit medicine from Toronto Region Board of Trade

The social, economic and environmental malady of gridlock in Greater Toronto can be cured. This week, the Toronto Region Board of Trade prescribed a treatment to raise the $2 billion a year needed to fund the Big Move regional transportation plan: a combination of small regional sales and gasoline taxes, a commercial parking levy, and paid express lanes.

Toronto Star >> March 4, 2013

Highway 7 gets its own sign of urbanity: a transit fight

The coming bus rapidway may take the same route as current Viva buses, but some residents are convinced it’s the road to destruction. The route in question is only a small part of the Viva bus rapidway that will stretch across Highway 7, connecting the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre with town centres in Richmond Hill and Markham. Martow and a contingent of local residents who have taken up the cause are not against the rapidway itself, but rather the planned route of the dedicated centre lanes through their neighbourhood — from Highway 7 south down Bathurst St. and west across Centre St.

Toronto Star >> February 22, 2013

Highway 7: The road that needs a new name

Highway 7, technically Regional Road 7, could become Avenue 7. It’s the Snoop Dogg of GTA roads. When he went to Jamaica in 2012, something happened to Snoop Dogg. Whether it was a spiritual transformation influenced by reggae and Rastafarianism, as claimed, or an attention-grabbing ploy, he was “reborn” as Snoop Lion. Martine Stonehouse, a collector of licence plates, road signs and maps, points to Highway 7 on a beautiful 1927 map. The paved and “improved gravel” sections of the new highway are marked in different colours, working their way eastward.

Toronto Star >> February 17, 2013

Highway 7: Terry Fox sandwich-throwing incident and other fond memories of 1980

Bill Vigars remembers the heat of that summer — thick, wet, insufferable heat that would glue a shirt to your back in minutes. He remembers the crowds, too. Everywhere they went, folks waving and grinning from the sidewalks, kids standing on tiptoes to catch a glimpse of the man skip-hop running down the highway.

Toronto Star >> February 11, 2013

Highway 7 in Woodbridge: Tales from the traffic counter’s son

When Highway 7 was still a two lane gravel road, Norman Maynard counted the cars that drove by. Maynard, a painter and decorator by trade, would drive his ’27 Chevy to the outskirts of Woodbridge. Ken Maynard, 78, guesses his father probably counted a few hundred cars in a day.

Toronto Star >> January 26, 2013

Highway 7: Restaurant faces the unknown … without a left-hand turn

Highway 7 is changing. When the road was designated a provincial highway in the 1920s, it was a gateway for city dwellers. For the next nine decades, the road grew with Ontario, from its rural routes to industrial highway. Now, with major investment in public transit, Highway 7 is becoming an urban thoroughfare.

Aurora Banner >> January 20, 2013

Better transit comes with price

Want better transit and less congestion in the GTA? Then be prepared to pay. That was one of the key messages GO Transit president Gary McNeil tried to hammer home during a roundtable discussion at the Newmarket Community Centre yesterday.

Aurora Banner >> May 16, 2012

Rapid transit system taking shape

York Region’s rapid transit efforts are moving full-steam ahead, with Newmarket residents about to get a taste of the road construction already seen to the south.

Newmarket Era >> April 12, 2012

Vaughan development ramps up

The idea of creating a downtown in Vaughan is something that has been kicked around for years. But that plan has shifted into fast forward now that the Spadina subway extension is under way.

Toronto Star >> April 6, 2012

Toronto’s subway brings downtown vision to Vaughan

While all eyes have been fixed on the subway fight in Toronto’s east end, the city of Vaughan has been quietly and quickly laying out plans to create a new downtown with the TTC’s newest piece of subway right at the heart of it.

Toronto Star >> October 4, 2011

Renaming York Region’s boulevard of dreams

You’ve lost that highway feeling. If York Region conducted its affairs through karaoke ballads, perhaps they might dedicate a take on the Righteous Brothers classic to their asphalt sweetheart, Highway 7.

Newmarket Era >> September 7, 2011

Growing up in our region’s future

There's no question the world is changing under your feet and while York Region has spent the last 40 years growing out, the next 40 - like a kid heading to university - will be about growing up.

Markham Economist & Sun >> August 19, 2011

Rapid transit work on schedule

The rapid transit work, on Davis Drive and along Hwy. 7 is “on schedule and advancing well,” ahead of the looming, inevitable inclement weather, Viva spokesperson Dale Albers said.

Markham Economist & Sun >> June 9, 2011

Rapidways on track: Region

Construction of Viva’s bus lanes will heat up along Davis Drive and Hwy. 7 this summer. Things are on schedule and moving full steam ahead on both stretches, Viva spokesperson Dale Albers said.

Markham Economist & Sun >> January 26, 2011

Spring opening for Markham transitway: Viva

Viva’s median bus lanes are a step closer to reality now with $250 million in construction contracts for Hwy. 7 and Davis Drive approved. Utility crews are starting their work, setting back poles and restringing lights, along a seven-kilometre stretch of Hwy. 7, from Yonge Street to Warden Avenue.

Aurora Banner >> June 9, 2010

Parts of demolished homes live on

Amanda Persico of writes that vivaNext “plans to leave little or no garbage in its path.” In a joint venture with Habitat for Humanity York Region, 85% of building materials from homes slated for demolition will be reused and recycled, instead of ending up in a landfill. The removal of these buildings will make room for the construction of rapidways along Davis Drive in Newmarket.

Aurora Banner >> June 7, 2010

York’s bus-way plan rolls again

David Fleischer of writes about construction resuming on vivaNext rapid transit lanes along Enterprise Drive in Markham, after work stopped for the winter months. The dedicated bus lanes are scheduled for completion in November 2010. "The completion of this project will bring improved transit for the people of Markham," said Markham-Unionville MPP Michael Chan.

Aurora Banner >> May 7, 2010

Transit ridership keeps rolling

David Fleischer of writes about YRTViva’s record-setting ridership for the month of March, and reviews some factors contributing to this notable growth.

Toronto Star >> March 19, 2010

Your City My City: High expectations in Markham

Phinjo Gombu of The Toronto Star writes about plans to transform Langstaff Gateway into “a revolutionary, transit-dependent live-work community in Markham.” The vivaNext rapidways and Yonge subway extension play a central role in the future vision of this community. These connections will make the Richmond Hill-Langstaff transit hub “the most important in the GTA after Union Station” and are critical to achieving smart growth goals.

Newmarket Era >> February 3, 2010

Public transit use up 33% in York

David Fleischer of writes about the increase in transit ridership in York Region from 2004 to 2009, using key statistics to highlight YRTViva’s success. The new head of YRTViva, Richard Leary, believes that the next phase of Viva will help to change the public’s perception about transit. He believes that “York Region is miles ahead of everyone else” in terms of creating a transit-friendly suburban culture.

Newmarket Era >> December 16, 2009

Dedicated bus lanes get green light

David Fleischer of writes that Viva’s blue vehicles will soon make stops in a transit-first community in Markham that will house up to 40,000 people. This “is the development of a city centre,” said Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti to everyone who gathered on Monday to mark the launch of rapidway construction along Enterprise Drive. Metrolinx vice-chair Peter Smith called this project “a very important first step.”

Newmarket Era >> December 11, 2009

Vaughan subway station needs name

David Fleischer of writes that the TTC will review the preliminary design for the station that will be at the newly named Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. Because Vaughan changed the name of this area from Vaughan Corporate Centre, the TTC is still deciding what the official station name will be. While TTC will run the subway, York Region will run the 18-bay bus terminal at the station.

Newmarket Era >> December 2, 2009

Software glitch delays York’s Presto launch

David Fleischer of writes that York Region residents will be able to start using the Presto fare card system Jan. 17, 2011. Recently some Oakville-area residents began using the card as part of a pilot project. The system will allow for seamless transfers between the various transit systems in the GTA by simply using a single card that can be reloaded online or at machines.

Newmarket Era >> November 30, 2009

Subway will take 30 million car trips off road

Stefania Lamacchia of writes about the groundbreaking for the Spadina subway extension. Dignitaries from all three levels of government were present with gold-coloured shovels in hand to mark the beginning of construction on the $2.6 billion project. The 8.6-kilometre extension into Vaughan will eliminate an estimated 30 million car trips from Toronto and York Region roads annually.

Toronto Sun >> November 28, 2009

Subway’s chugging: Spadina extension shovel ready

Antonella Artuso of the Toronto Sun writes that construction has begun for the first subway that will cross over into York Region. Toronto Mayor David Miller said the project is “an unprecedented example of co-operation between the two cities” and Ontario Transportation Minister Jim Bradley said it will remove 30 million car trips annually from Toronto and York Region roads.

Toronto Star >> November 28, 2009

Subway to ‘transform’ GTA

Tess Kalinowski of The Toronto Star writes about how by 2015 a subway will be running underneath the ground where dignitaries from all three levels of government dug in their ceremonial shovels. It will be the first subway to cross over into York Region and the first to allow riders to travel on a TTC vehicle into York Region for a single fare. "This is really beginning to transform Toronto,” said TTC chair Adam Giambrone. “It's not just about moving people from A to B, it's about transforming neighbourhoods.”

680 News >> November 27, 2009

Work on the subway extension from Downsview to Vaughan officially underway

Kevin Misener of 680news reports that dignitaries from all three levels of government were on hand to break ground on a project that will fill in another piece of the city’s transit puzzle. “Having the subway terminating in the City of Vaughan is a great big start to a new downtown core," said Vaughan Mayor Linda Jackson. The extension will have six new stops including one at York University. Tunnel digging is expected to begin next year and people will be able to start riding the line by 2015.

Newmarket Era >> November 15, 2009

407 subway station slowly taking shape

David Fleischer of writes that “the sky’s the limit” for the first subway station that will be entirely in York Region. The Hwy. 407 station will be between Jane and Black Creek just south of Hwy. 407 and will feature large windows that will bring light into the concourse and platform levels. Because there are no columns along the platform, riders will get an open view up to the sky.

Newmarket Era >> November 4, 2009

Markham calls for action on subway

David Fleischer of writes that the Markham Town Council is discussing how to keep the Yonge subway extension project moving forward. Council passed a motion “asking the federal government to step up to the plate with funding.”

Newmarket Era >> October 28, 2009

TTC board set to approve design for York subway station

David Fleischer of writes that the TTC board will approve the conceptual design for the Spadina line’s Steeles West station. The station will have a futuristic look including a light cone that will bring light down to the concourse and platform levels. It will also have bus bays for YRTViva and TTC and 1,900 parking spots.

Newmarket Era >> September 16, 2009

Metrolinx, region still working on subway extension goal

David Fleischer of writes that York Region continues to work on the Yonge subway extension plans so that everything will be ready when funding is granted. Metrolinx recently released a benefits case analysis showing that bus rapid transit would not meet the corridor’s capacity demands in the future. A firm may be hired to engage upper levels of government and lead a strategic campaign on the project.

Toronto Star >> May 25, 2009

Transit hubs to shape urban pocket in Markham

Christopher Hume of The Toronto Star writes that an influential architect and planner from San Francisco will be working on the design of the Richmond Hill/Langstaff Urban Growth Centre. Peter Calthorpe said this job is "the highest manifestation of transit-oriented development I have been involved in." The centre will be a new-style urban community with mixed-use development and pedestrian-friendly areas all organized around transit.

Toronto Star >> April 1, 2009

Transit projects include line along Eglinton to airport

Rob Ferguson of The Toronto Star writes that Premier Dalton McGuinty announced $9 billion worth of funding for four new transit projects in the Greater Toronto Area including the rapidways in York Region. The other three projects must first complete the environmental approvals process meaning that the rapidways are the only project that could see a construction start by the end of the year.

Sing Tao >> February 3, 2009

York Region Viva shares 8-year plan

Sing Tao newspaper writes that vivaNext projects will provide York Region residents with faster and more convenient connections. The new projects are expected to cut travel time by 40% and should commence shortly after the province announces its budget.