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highway 7 west

Highway 7 West / Vaughan

Highway 7 West / Vaughan

Lucky number seven.

It isn’t just the Spadina Subway line that’s coming to Vaughan. It’s everyone. And everything. The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre is on its way and that means offices, residences, restaurants, entertainment and busloads of culture. Yes, busloads.

York Region’s easiest, most convenient way to get there? Viva.

More development is on the way to the VMC, so this dedicated rapidway will be in the centre of things, on the doorstep of everything that’s anything in Vaughan. The transportation hub at Highway 7 and Jane Street will have connections in every direction – by subway, bus or car.

Are we there yet? Overall, it’s looking great out west. We started out in 2013 to begin work in the Highway 7 right-of-way, and now the rapidway segment between Jane Street and Bowes Road will be open in late 2016, and the segment west of Jane Street will be coordinated with the opening of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension project.

Phase two, stretching west to Helen Street and east to Yonge Street via the existing Viva route on Bathurst and Centre Streets, is coming up close behind — check out the phase 2 progress here.

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A vibrant, modern urban centre along Highway 7 West where residents and visitors alike will enjoy a mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.

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