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Take it from the top.

York Region Rapid Transit Corporation [YRRTC] is responsible for the planning, design and construction of the rapid transit network and related infrastructure; for the pursuit of joint development opportunities; and for the strategic oversight of Viva operations to deliver on the transit priorities set out in the York Region Transportation Master Plan. To achieve this mandate, YRRTC is staffed by a team of experts in capital planning and delivery, design, engineering and project management.  We also contract with design-build firms to develop the final design and carry out construction.

Have a school assignment? Writing a report? Or just want to know more about what vivaNext is all about and what’s next for York Region’s rapid transit network down the road? Find the information you’re looking for quickly and easily when you browse these documents.

Board of Directors

YRRTC is a wholly-owned subsidiary and share capital corporation of The Regional Municipality of York. Its Board of Directors comprises the York Region Chairman and CEO and the Mayors or Councillors for the Towns of Richmond Hill and Newmarket and Cities of Markham and Vaughan. There is no private sector or other public sector representation on the YRRTC Board of Directors.

  • Chairman of the Board
Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Markham
  • Vice-Chairman of the Board
Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, Vaughan
  • Director & CEO
Wayne Emmerson
Chairman and CEO, The Regional Municipality of York
  • Director
Mayor Dave Barrow, Richmond Hill
  • Director
Mayor Tony Van Bynen, Newmarket
  • Director
Regional Councillor Jim Jones, Markham
  • Director
Regional Councillor Vito Spatafora, Richmond Hill

Agendas, Minutes, Communications and Reports to the Board of Directors of York Region Rapid Transit Corporation are posted online. They can be located on The Regional Municipality of York’s website here.

Executive Management Team

The Executive Management Team reports to the Board of Directors and to the Chief Executive Officer. Board meetings are held in the York Region Administrative Centre located in the Town of Newmarket. Public reports are posted online at

  • President
Mary-Frances Turner
  • Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer
Michael Cheong
  • Chief Engineer
Paul May
  • Design Chief, Infrastructure and Development
B.N. [Raj] Mohabeer
  • Chief Communications Officer
Dale Albers
  • Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary
Antoinette Bozac


Our mission is to design and deliver an exceptional rapid transit system attracting, moving and connecting people to York Region’s urban centres and destinations.


Our mission supports our vision where:

  • People can move quickly, conveniently and reliably without a vehicle.
  • Public transit is used extensively because it is attractive, easy to use, efficient and economical.
  • People live, work, shop and play in close proximity to public transit.
  • Employers locate in York Region because of its robust transit options for employees.
  • Development and public transit are planned together to shape communities, support a sustainable future and promote energy conservation.


We are committed to the following values in how we carry out our mission, in an environment of respect, professionalism and dedication:

  • Where quality ideas, innovation and creativity are nurtured.
  • Where financial and legislative integrity is fundamental.
  • Where staff are provided opportunities for continuous learning and self-improvement.
  • Where change is anticipated, managed and embraced.
  • Where initiative, outstanding performance and team growth are recognized.
  • Where working together and engaging with the community is our passion.