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Construction starting at 16 – 18 Main Street

Construction is starting at the southwest corner of Davis Drive and Main Street (Wimpy’s plaza). The area is being excavated and cleared to prepare for building a retaining wall and widening Davis Drive. Preparation work will start the week of August 1 and then retaining wall construction will follow. This work is scheduled to be completed by early November.

What will this work include?

• Fencing the construction area (see diagram), clearing landscaping and existing asphalt, and excavating earth.
• Construction materials will be stored on the vacant property in the south east corner of the intersection and construction vehicles will move between the two locations. Police will help direct Davis Drive traffic as needed.

All businesses and plaza entrances will remain open during construction.

Will parking or traffic lanes be affected?

• During construction, vehicles will be able to enter the plaza from Davis Drive or from Main Street, but will not be able to drive or park across the section of parking lot facing Davis Drive.
• Temporary closures of the eastbound curb lane of Davis Drive will be required during construction.

Will sidewalks or transit be affected?

• The sidewalk on the south side of Davis Drive may need to be closed temporarily during certain phases of work. Follow on-site signs for pedestrian detour.
• Flag personnel will direct pedestrians around the work area.
• Main Street sidewalks will remain open.
• YRT and Go Transit stop #2607 has been relocated one streetlight to the west.

If you have questions about the Davis Drive rapidway project, please contact Andrea Witty, Community Liaison Specialist at or 1-877-464-9675, ext. 1022.

Construction work areas at 16 - 18 Main Street 

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In Newmarket, the future of transit has arrived with the opening of the Viva yellow line on the Davis Drive rapidway. Riders can now enjoy a quick comfortable journey to one of three vivastations at Longford, Main and Southlake, or continue to the Highway 404 park and ride with curbside stops at Huron Heights and Leslie.

With fast, reliable transit and updated utilities in place, Newmarket is prepared for the growth already happening. More travel choices and attractive, tree-lined streets will bring more places to live and work in Newmarket’s downtown. All this goes a long way to improving transit in York Region and all of you are a big part of that. Thank you!

Wondering what this is all about or what a rapidway is? Click here to find out.