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Pre-construction work begins on Highway 7

What type of work is being done?

Archaeological assessments are being conducted to meet the requirements
of the Highway 7 Corridor (Yonge to Warden) Environmental Assessment.

Why is it being done?

To ensure that any important historical artifacts are identified before the
roadway is widened for the rapidway.

Where exactly is this going on?

Between Bayview and South Town Centre Blvd, extending across Cedarland Drive
to Warden Ave.

When will it start?

Week of October 18.

How long will the work take?

About 2 weeks as weather plays a role in how quickly we can do the work.

What does the work entail?

Archaeological work involves digging holes by hand and sifting soil for artifacts.

A one-foot by one-foot hole, approximately one to two feet deep, will be dug
approximately every 18 feet. The holes are then filled in before moving to the
next location.

What impact will there be?

There will be very little impact from the archaeological work and it won’t
disrupt traffic.

archaeological work

follow the progress of the davis drive transformation

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Rapidway map


as of 2nd quarter

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more than just a rapidway
rebuilding Davis from the ground up
Davis Drive is approaching its final year of construction and we thank you for bearing with us as we work hard to transform Davis Drive.

construction is challenging
Completely rebuilding Davis is a challenging and complex project that required replacing and relocating outdated utilities and infrastructure under and above ground, before road widening could begin.

what’s to come
Substantial work above ground is underway. Here’s a snapshot of how work is progressing.


  • Construction of the vivastation at Parkside/Longford and Davis is underway.
    The steel structure and glass canopy shelter will arrive later this fall.
  • Construction of two more vivastations at Main and Southlake Hospital
    will also begin later this year.
  • The reconstruction of the Keith Bridge will be completed this fall.

viva is coming to davis – dec. 2015
In addition to having a centre-lane bus rapidway, Davis will have wider sidewalks, green open spaces and dedicated left-turn lanes at each intersection that will improve overall traffic flow. All these changes will make Davis an even greater destination to live, work, shop and play.

Go behind the scenes to see how vivaNext is transforming Davis