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India Gate Restaurant

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India Gate Restaurant

#39 - Chick peas with dry mango powder, pomegranate and Indian herbs is fantastic!

Paul H.

East Indian culture delights in the opportunity to share their culinary skills and hospitality with guests. At India Gate restaurant in Newmarket, owner Parshotam Dhiman shares this honour and pride with his guests as they enjoy a variety of healthy menu choices in an appealing atmosphere.

“Food says a lot about a culture and society,” says Mr. Dhiman. “I wanted to have a menu of traditional Indian food and a contemporary environment with Indian style – and that’s what India Gate provides.”

Winner of the Eat Smart Award and Readers’ Choice Awards, India Gate has recently been recognized by local media as a great place to eat. The dishes are either vegetarian or use high quality, lean-cut meat. ”Indian food is very healthy as is the way we cook it, there are no artificial flavourings or preservatives,” added Mr. Dhiman.

“Every day is like a fond story to me, and I have collected many over the years. The high points are when we are publicly recognized, such as winning the Eat Smart Award. But recently, a small child told me the food was good and that made my day too.”

Mr. Dhiman has seen the Davis Drive area change since his family moved to Newmarket from England in 1995. “Newmarket is a vibrant community. I hope that with the redevelopment of Davis Drive, traffic congestion will be reduced and even more businesses and people will come into the downtown area.”

As construction on Davis Drive moves forward, India Gate will continue to serve culture and award-winning food to York Region residents from their location at 130 Davis Drive.

To see the menu and read about their catering and event services, visit their website

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davis drive

Davis Drive / Newmarket

project status

under construction

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Dec. 2015


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paving activities along Davis Drive: September 2-4

traffic changes on Davis Drive at Patterson Street/Roxborough Road

paving continues on Davis Drive

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Community Liaison

Kristina Bergeron

phone 905.886.6767 x71051
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Davis Drive / Newmarket

important changes to traffic patterns and intersections

Charming town where history and vitality mix.

Pedestrian-friendly boulevards; green, open spaces; a vibrant corridor that brings the community together to dine and relax, live, work and shop. Sounds like a dream? Pinch yourself and keep reading.

An exciting new viva rapidway along Davis Drive will change the way we experience our community. Upon completion, the rapidway will immediately make it easier for staff, patients, visitors and volunteers of the Southlake Regional Health Centre to get to the hospital. Over time, Davis Drive will become an attractive urban destination to work, dine, relax, live and shop.

This rapidway will move east along Davis Drive from Yonge Street to just past the hospital. About 2.6 km, to be exact. Then we’ll keep it going another 2.3 km to Highway 404 – this stretch will run the same way viva service currently does, in the curbside lane.

After preparations on properties were done along Davis Drive, construction started in the Davis Drive right-of-way in May 2012. Are we there yet? We’re in the home stretch… the rapidway will open in December 2015.

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Davis Drive has really come to life over the last few years. There are so many lifestyle options—dining, takeout, the latest fashions, home décor, and health services to name just a few.

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