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creating connections

Friday, September 11th, 2015

video: creating connections - a day in the life of a rapidway rider

Rapid transit is making it easier for people to move about York Region, connecting them to the places, people and things that matter. With all the traffic congestion the GTA currently faces, rapid transit can be a relaxing and time saving convenience. But what does this convenience really look like?

Because Viva travels in its own lanes along the length of the rapidways, riders save time and enjoy reliable service. Rapidway riders experience, on average, time savings of 16 minutes per round trip on the Highway 7 East rapidway, compared to making that same trip in a vehicle. And considering most commuters who travel along Highway 7 East will make daily round trips along the stretch of the rapidway, saving 16 minutes per round trip really adds up. In fact, it adds up to an annual time savings of 64 hours – that’s over two days! And less time spent travelling means more time for the things that matter.

Along with the rapidways, growth continues in York Region with new residential buildings, jobs and businesses popping up in the towns and cities, and along our roads. This means that people living in these urban centres won’t have to travel far to access services and amenities. They can easily walk, bike, or hop on Viva for a short trip to get where they need to go.

Rapid transit is providing convenience, reliability, and freedom for people to move around York Region easily. Watch our new video, day in the life of a rapidway rider, to see how one transit user enjoys the perks of the Viva rapidway along Highway 7, now that it’s complete