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$1.4 billion for our rapidway projects

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
Premier Dalton McGuinty announces billions for transit projects

Premier Dalton McGuinty announces billions for transit projects

I’m really excited about this recent announcement. If you haven’t heard – or didn’t click on the link above – vivaNext rapidway projects are being funded with $1.4 billion from the Government of Ontario.

I’m excited because this means faster and better connections for everyone. Let’s face it, the faster, more accessible and more reliable public transit is, the more people will choose to use it instead of driving.

The funding will allow us to put shovels in the ground this year on four specific areas:
1) Highway 7 – from about Jane St. in Vaughan to Kennedy Rd. in Markham
2) Yonge St. – from about Highway 7 to 19th Ave. in Richmond Hill
3) Yonge St. – from Mulock Dr. to Davis Dr. in Newmarket
4) Davis Dr. – from Yonge St. to the Southlake Regional Hospital

But this funding announcement wasn’t isolated to York Region. Premier McGuinty is investing billions on transit projects in the GTA.

While we celebrated this announcement at the office, I began to think about just how much work now stands before us and how some people will likely be skeptical. I can assure you that final preparations will be done and we will begin construction this fall.

I’ll be sure to post pictures!

$3 billion for transit from Ontario Budget

Friday, March 27th, 2009

When reviewing the Ontario Budget, one thing became abundantly clear with respect to public transit – there’s a serious commitment to it. The budget set aside more than $3 billion in funding for transit over the next two years!

The budget says the government will be “focusing on quick-start projects”. These are infrastructure projects that are already well planned and in a position to create immediate economic stimulus and create jobs. That’s exactly where vivaNext shines.

I applaud the Ontario Government for making such a significant funding commitment to public transit. Doing so will not only help provide an economic stimulus and create jobs, it will also help future generations to be less dependent on driving vehicles.

The cover of the 2009 Ontario Budget

The cover of the 2009 Ontario Budget