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it’s all about people

Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

Over the past few years, transit needs across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area [GTHA] have been a top priority. We’re proud that York Region is actively working to meet those needs by bringing rapid transit to our region. In 2002, the Region produced the York Region Transportation Master Plan and the follow-up Rapid Transit Plan, outlining the Region’s blueprint of multiple transportation initiatives to be built over the next 30 years.

With such a great emphasis on the need for transportation across the GTHA, one would think congestion is what’s driving us to transform the way people commute across our Region. What if we were to tell you that it’s actually people, not vehicles, that drive us to make urban centres connected by transportation ‘corridors?’ We believe that by focusing on people, and thinking about how they will be able to get around the region more easily with efficient transportation options, is how we lead this transformation.  People are looking for more choices, and convenience is top of mind.

For example, much of the new development around vivastations is mixed-use, which provides housing, employment, retail, dining, services and recreation – all within walking distance of transit. At its core, this puts people first – by creating welcoming public spaces and offering an array of amenities, these communities will continue to prosper and thrive.

Join us on our journey of putting people first by connecting them with their community and more choices.


April showers bring May flowers and green rapidway streets

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Coming soon: the annual greening of the rapidway!

Once again, the trees, perennials and shrubs already planted as part of the projects on Highway 7 East, Highway 7 West and Davis Drive will be sprouting and leafing and budding and greening up the streetscape.

Not only that, you’ll be seeing crews on Highway 7 West planting in areas that were missed last spring because they were still under construction, making sure the area is as verdant as envisioned!

It’s essential to the vivaNext projects that the streets are attractive for the people who inhabit the communities around them. Not only that, but studies have shown that living in treed areas have can actually have a positive effect on your health.

To keep things growing year after year, the species planted have been carefully chosen. Specially designed soil cell technology helps the soil and roots stay as healthy as possible.

The vivaNext project is about much more than delivering great transit!

so many different activities this year in Vaughan!

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Vaughan 2016 year in review

So much has happened this year along Bathurst and Centre and on Highway 7 West. Just take a look!

In this video, you can check out some of this year’s behind-the-scenes activity – like trees being transplanted to parks, and pre-construction work – as well as the very visible work you saw, like water main and gas main construction.

It was a big year for rapidway work as well, with boulevard and planting on Highway 7, red asphalt in the rapidway and the big vivastation canopy going up in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre area.

New utilities, wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, shade-giving trees – and smooth rapidway are all part of the vivaNext projects, creating new infrastructure that will serve generations to come, and leave a lasting legacy for the Highway 7 West and Bathurst & Centre communities in Vaughan.

As the year comes to an end, it is great to reflect on our accomplishments. We look forward to more progress in 2017.

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let it snow!

Friday, December 9th, 2016

Brrrr…..Winter decided to make an entrance this week! With the arrival of snow, our project teams put their winter maintenance plans into action.

With a bit of hard work and planning, the teams will ensure that our construction corridors are routinely maintained over the winter months to make sure everything is safe and secure, and that there is clear and easy access.

When our rapidway projects are in the construction phase, care and control of the corridor is transferred from York Region over to our constructor, but they need a little help maintaining the roads and sidewalks during the winter months.

They rely on our local municipalities [Vaughan, Richmond Hill and Newmarket] to assist with snow and ice clearing on the sidewalks, as well as York Region’s Roads branch to maintain the roadways.

With their specialized equipment and around-the-clock maintenance crews, the Municipalities and the Region are better equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

Before our teams can put their winter maintenance plans into action, we need to ensure that our construction corridors meet minimal maintenance standards. Traffic lanes and sidewalks are inspected to make sure they are wide enough to accommodate snow clearing machinery.

All sidewalks must be cleaned and potholes filled. Traffic barrels are inspected and cleaned so that they are visible at night.

Even though snow continues to fall outside, our construction crews will continue to work at building the rapidways in Newmarket, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.  Stay up-to-date on work in your area by subscribing to our updates. Happy shoveling!


working day and night

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Those living and working in York Region know firsthand about dealing with construction. During prime construction season, you typically see worksites on a number of Regional roads. We need these road improvements to ensure our fast-growing communities are connected by a strong transportation system.

So how do we get these projects done when people still need to use the roads?

VivaNext rapid transit projects are carefully planned to manage construction and maintain traffic flow. There is a balance on every construction project between the need to get work done on schedule, the need to keep traffic moving, and the construction disruption to adjacent homes and businesses.

On occasion, night work is scheduled on busy roads such as Highway 7 or Yonge Street to avoid traffic congestion during the higher-traffic daytime hours. For example, on Yonge Street between Weldrick Road and 16th Avenue, there is up to eight times more traffic during the day than during the overnight hours.

We understand that sitting in traffic can make commutes longer. On the other hand, when work is done at night we know the noise and lights can make it difficult for those living nearby. The project still needs to be completed, so we move forward, trying to strike a balance – with over 99% of the four-year project being done during the day. Work is limited during peak traffic times, and crews work diligently to complete overnight work quickly so that it’s over as soon as possible.

We know that a good night’s sleep is important, and our crews try to minimize the amount of noise and light they create while they’re working overnight.

Day or night, it helps to know what’s coming so you can plan around it. You can sign up for email notices at Thank you for your patience and understanding.

saying hello to a brand-new water main on Bathurst & Centre

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

watermain pipes centre street

In Thornhill, the residents and businesses in and around Bathurst & Centre Streets are getting a new, modern water main. This will not only help to prepare the area for future growth, it’s also simply time to upgrade the old pipes in order to avoid future water main breaks and floods!

Here’s a quick look at how it’s being done:

  • It’s already happening. On Bathurst Street, Installation of the water main is well under way, from Centre to the Highway 7 connector ramp. And this month crews are starting up construction of this vital utility on Centre Street, from New Westminster Drive to Dufferin Street.
  • Two techniques. The Bathurst section is being done mostly with the directional drilling technique, which reduces disruption to a narrower street. On Centre, since there’s more space beside the road on the south side, we’re combining open cut excavation and directional drilling.
  • Taking extra care. When crews install the new pipes beside the current ones, it takes extra care and time. Once the pipes and chambers are in, crews will follow the cleaning and testing processes, all to meet very strict standards.
  • Connecting to the new system. When the water main upgrade is ready to connect, residents and businesses will hear from us in advance. Individual addresses are simpler to connect, but businesses and multi-unit residential buildings take longer. Again, we will keep you well informed on what to expect and when.
  • Everything is important. As with all vivaNext construction, we’re always working to balance priorities. The biggest is to keep the water on for everyone during the work. Another is to minimize disruption as much as possible.

This key piece of new infrastructure will last for generations to come, and leave a lasting legacy for the Bathurst & Centre community. Check out this utility video to find out more.

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fall = fun!

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016

With cool weather and colourful leaves surrounding us, fall is the perfect time to get outside and be active. From perusing pumpkin patches to checking out Halloween decorations, there’s no shortage of things to do. If you find yourself looking for somewhere to go, maybe we can help…

Newmarket: Strawberry Creek Farms

Most of the local farmers’ markets and family fun farms are open until the end of October, so this weekend and the PA Day on Friday may be your last chance to get a taste of farm life. On Davis Drive just east of Highway 404, Strawberry Creek Farms has become a staple for outdoor family fun.  To get there on transit, transfer from Viva Yellow to Durham Region Transit route 960 at the Highway 404 and Davis Drive park and ride. Featuring wagon rides, pumpkin cannons and corn mazes, Strawberry Creek Farms is not to be missed.

Markham: Main Street Markham Trick or Treat

This Saturday, October 29, head out to the Main Street Markham Trick or Treat [see map] for some spooky family fun. Viva Purple will get you to the foot of this spooky street via Highway 7. From noon to 4pm, join local business owners they hand out tricks and treats to all who are willing to put on their Halloween best.

The sun is setting earlier, so if you’re walking, or taking your kids trick or treating, be sure to wear bright colours and reflective clothing. And if you’re driving, remember to stay alert and watch out for our little ghosts and gremlins. Happy fall everyone!

the ballet of building the VMC canopy

Friday, October 21st, 2016

Vaughan Metropolitan Centre – Spadina Subway Station

The giant sections of structural steel canopy were installed this fall in the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre [VMC] area – right in the middle of Highway 7 West – and it was a ballet of precision.

Having a large structure like this arise in the centre of a roadway is an incredibly unique construction event.

That’s why we made sure we were out on the corridor watching and recording the action to share with all of you.

The largest section lifted was 25,000 lbs – over 11,300 kg! You can read more about this new Vivastation, and check out the video to see how this feat was done.


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what’s happening this fall on Highway 7 West and Bathurst & Centre

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

After a summer of paving on Highway 7 West, water main work on Bathurst, and a whole lot of finishing touches along the rapidway in Vaughan, there’s much more to come this fall.

Here’s what you can expect to see over the next couple of months:

the VMC area

If you’ve driven by the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre [VMC] area on Highway 7 West between Edgeley Blvd. and Jane Street, you’ll have seen the sudden rise of the huge steel canopy that will become the BRT station, VMC Spadina-Subway Station.

This unique vivastation will be extra-long and provide total coverage, also it will connect the rapidway with the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension and an inter-regional bus station, SmartREIT Terminal-VMC. This fall, workers are continuing to install and weld the giant structure.

the CN Bridge

Crews are busy working on sidewalks on both the north and south side of Highway 7 this fall. In addition, water seal testing is pretty much complete.

bike lanes, bike boxes and crosswalks street printing

Over the past month, crews have been installing the striped crosswalk street printing at intersections on Highway 7 West.

And in the next few weeks, they will be painting lines for bicycle lanes and laying the bright green street bond on bike lanes on either side of intersections and bike boxes at key corners, between Edgeley/Interchange and Bowes/Baldwin. Bike boxes allow cyclists to avoid crossing three lanes of busy traffic to reach the left-turn lanes, and act as a safe, designated waiting area.

Construction on Highway 7 between Jane and Bowes/Baldwin will wrap up by the end of the year.

Highway 7 West in Woodbridge

This area is mostly seeing pre-construction activities this fall to prepare for road widening in the spring. These will include culvert work, median removals, tree removals, and temporary traffic pole installation.

Bathurst and Centre

Water main work is continuing on Bathurst Street this fall and will start up on Centre Street as well. In addition, temporary traffic signals have gone up at intersections on Bathurst will be installed on Centre this fall. In addition, crews will also soon be busy with utility relocations.

It’s always exciting to see progress. Thank you everyone for your patience as the rapidway projects proceed!

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adding shade and beauty to three parks

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

As preparation for road widening got underway this spring along Bathurst and Centre, we were able to transplant 38 trees to three local parks in Vaughan. Watch the video to see how it went!

Here’s a quick background glimpse of the planning: During the final design stage of the rapidway project on Bathurst and Centre, all trees along the corridor were inspected and inventoried, and each tree was included in the construction drawings to see how they were impacted. While some were being removed for road widening preparation, those suitable for replanting were identified. Those removed will be replaced at the end of the construction project with even more planted.

We worked with the local community to identify locations to transplant the trees, and this June, the trees were transplanted in Bathurst District Park, Bathurst Estates Park and Rosedale North Park.  VivaNext is committed to sustainable options and transplanting trees is one of those initiatives.


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