Dale Albers’ Bio

Hi, my name is Dale Albers. Among other things, I’m the Chief Communications Officer for York Region Rapid Transit Corporation. If not golfing, hiking or horsing around with my family during the weekend, I’m usually thinking about the vivaNext plan and how great it’s going to be. Yeah, I know, don’t we all think about work too much on our “down time”.

Having lived in Europe for two years, I’ve experienced how great rapid transit can be and how much better life is when you live, work and play close to fast, reliable and convenient transit options.

I’m excited about what’s planned for York Region and how that relates to what’s being planned in Toronto and the Province’s mandate of Places to Grow. I’m tired of traffic congestion. Urban sprawl cannot continue. Development planning and transit planning must go hand-in-hand to be truly effective. As most of my friends say, “I’ll use it when it’s fast and reliable all day – otherwise I can’t risk leaving my car at home because I might have to work late.”

It is possible. It is happening. And that’s why I’m excited.