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A great advantage of building a transit system with a master plan, as we are with vivaNext, is that consistent design concepts can be applied across the network. Creating a “vivaNext” look and feel for all our projects is important, whether we’re talking about a vivastation on our rapidways, a unique transit structure like Bayview Towers on Highway 7 East rapidway, or a massive building like the YRT/Viva Operations, Maintenance and Storage Facility in Richmond Hill.

the vivaNext look

We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Each design is unique, with its own functional requirements and architectural concept. But they share a number of vivaNext brand elements, including airy open spaces; simple but elegant lines; combinations of glass, metal and wood; and most important of all: convenient, welcoming spaces.

Keeping with that approach, we’ve designed the passenger amenities at the new Vaughan Metropolitan Centre rapidway station on Highway 7 to feel like part of the vivaNext and YRT/Viva families with features everyone recognizes.

a landmark VMC vivastation

The new station is an extraordinary vivastation for a new downtown destination. The very large, open station sits astride the double rapidway with the bus platforms sheltered by a high, curving roof. The buses are able to drive-through the station for a smooth bus-boarding experience, but waiting could be a bit chilly in cold weather. Passengers have the option to stay warm in glass waiting enclosures on both the north and south platforms, which will feel very familiar to yrt/viva passengers.

The enclosures are larger but otherwise quite similar to the other vivastations, with glass ceilings and walls, comfortable seating, lighting, maps and an emergency call button. They’ll be heated during the winter, with sliding and swing doors to minimize drafts.

seconds from the subway

Getting up and down from the VMC rapidway station to the subway below will be easy, via the escalators and stairs located in both enclosures. Each platform will also have its own elevator.

And, just like at our vivastations, electronic ticket machines, variable message signs (VMS) for current route times, wayfinding signs and CCTVs will be installed outside the enclosures, with additional VMS and Presto machines located down the escalators near the entrance to the subway.

Outside the enclosures, the platforms will feel different from our vivastations, since they’re mostly covered by the roof.  But you’ll know you’re in user-friendly viva territory by the familiar arrangement of crosswalks, ramps and planters filled with lush greenery.

opening Dec 17

It took years to plan this station, and we’re excitedly counting the days to opening on December 17. We can’t wait for you to experience this extraordinary landmark of a vivastation!

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