a place to connect

In Vaughan Metropolitan Centre [VMC], there are many ways to connect – to work, shopping, to nature, and to transit. One place that was designed with connections in mind is the SmartCentres Place Bus Terminal. An aerial view of the terminal shows the many pedestrian paths leading to it, and the nine bus bays for York Region Transit buses.

But wait, there’s more. Surrounding the terminal there will be amazing things to connect to – a community centre and public library, new condo developments, retail and restaurants, TTC subway and Viva rapid transit. Pedestrians and transit customers will be able to connect to all of these, either above ground through an attractive plaza, or underground via a pedestrian path that leads to the subway concourse of VMC Station. Directly upstairs from the subway is the Viva rapidway station on Highway 7.

Near the bus bays, heated enclosures will help keep customers warm, and the laminated wood roof above will lend warmth to the design.

Why is it named SmartCentres? It’s part of an agreement with SmartCentres, who contributed to the costs of the pedestrian tunnel. Aside from SmartCentres, it’s funded in large part by York Region and the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension [TYSSE or Line 1 extension].

SmartCentres Place will begin providing full bus service in December, but the terminal will only be partially open, as final work continues into early 2018.

With connections like these, York Region’s transit will have everyone on the move.

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