the expansion of the Highway 400 bridge on Highway 7 West begins

Many of you have already noticed the work that has begun on Highway 7 West at the bridge over Highway 400, so here’s an overview of the components of the newest mega-feat of engineering that you’ll see happening over the next few years.

The project is part of the Highway 7 West rapidway project in Woodbridge-Vaughan and it will include expanding the bridge – with the new segment added to the north side – by approximately 5 metres.

New piers

Construction includes four new piers to support the expansion, which means new foundations, footing and forms. With multiple lanes above and below, this is a complicated project and safety is paramount for both the travelling public and the workers on site.

Huge girder lift

In September, the first piece of a gigantic girder will be lifted into place. This girder, which is needed to support the expansion of the bridge, will be installed in five pieces.

Multi-use path and rapidway

What makes this project especially remarkable, is that it will not only include dedicated red-asphalt bus lanes, but a pedestrian and cycling path will be constructed in the centre of the bridge between the bus rapidway lanes. Once complete, the bridge will provide roadway and connections for all types of transportation modes.

Realigned ramps

That’s not all. In addition, two of the ramps on the east side of Highway 400 will be realigned in order to accommodate potential future development. And to accommodate the waterway conditions in the area, new culverts will be built under the new ramps.

You’ll be hearing much more about this massive undertaking as time goes on. Next month, we’ll look more closely at what’s involved in expanding the bridge itself – think piers, pile drivers and parapets!


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2 Responses to “the expansion of the Highway 400 bridge on Highway 7 West begins”

  1. Mary-Lynn says:

    Once final designs are ready, we will be sharing them in a big way!

  2. Gino Capogna says:

    Very interesting.
    Red asphalt cycling and pedestrian in the middle of the road way to avoid the on and off rumps interference.

    Excellence engineering, as a cyclist, I would be very happy to learn how to get in and out of it, from the far side to the centre and back.
    Is it designed yet? if it is I will find it, or you.

    Keep us advised

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