Earth Day is all about creating a better tomorrow

Earth Day – the day we remember the fragility of the planet, celebrate its strength, and commit to creating a better tomorrow for future generations.

In the spirit of the 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation, the theme this year is “EarthPLAY for Earth Day 2017: Connect to your nature!” According to Earth Day Canada, “celebrations across the country are highlighting our great outdoors.”

This commemoration has great meaning globally as well. The Earth Day Network reports that over 1 billion people now take part in this annual celebration! Promotion of the Trees for the Earth Campaign, invites citizens to plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide by 2020 – one for every person projected to be living on the planet.

Our outdoors is important to everyone – whether you’re a gardener or simply love trees and flowers, whether you’re a cyclist or ardent transit fan, you probably feel as strongly about Earth Day as we do – Earth Day shares so many of the vivaNext goals.

Celebrating Earth Day is a wonderful, worthy endeavour. However, it’s so important to think about it every day of the year. At vivaNext, we are solid in our commitment to design, plan and build transit to reduce reliance on cars, to protect and enhance our communities and streets, promote smart growth, and to help create vibrant, livable cities for today and the future.


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