April showers bring May flowers and green rapidway streets

Coming soon: the annual greening of the rapidway!

Once again, the trees, perennials and shrubs already planted as part of the projects on Highway 7 East, Highway 7 West and Davis Drive will be sprouting and leafing and budding and greening up the streetscape.

Not only that, you’ll be seeing crews on Highway 7 West planting in areas that were missed last spring because they were still under construction, making sure the area is as verdant as envisioned!

It’s essential to the vivaNext projects that the streets are attractive for the people who inhabit the communities around them. Not only that, but studies have shown that living in treed areas have can actually have a positive effect on your health.

To keep things growing year after year, the species planted have been carefully chosen. Specially designed soil cell technology helps the soil and roots stay as healthy as possible.

The vivaNext project is about much more than delivering great transit!

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