in continuous motion

in continuous motion

At this point in building York Region’s rapid transit system, we can officially say there are projects at every stage. A few rapidway projects and transit facilities are open for service, some are well underway and some are just getting started.

Having projects at different stages can be beneficial. We learn from every project and fine-tune important processes like procurement, financial management and construction scheduling. Special attention is paid to tailoring detailed designs to ensure quality, and scheduling construction to keep impacts to a minimum. Project management is what we do, and to get everything done, we stack the deck with technical knowledge and lots of experience.

Bus Rapid Transit

With 34.6 kilometres of dedicated lanes for Bus Rapid Transit [rapidways] completed or underway we have lots on the go, but there is also much more to do. The remaining half of rapidway projects – 34.2 kilometres – have Environmental Assessments completed and are ready to move forward once funding is in place. This includes completing Highway 7 rapidways in eastern Markham and western Vaughan, and Yonge Street rapidways between Richmond Hill and Newmarket, and north of Davis Drive.

Yonge North Subway Extension

York Region’s highest priority, the Yonge North Subway Extension, is ready to move to full engineering and construction. This 7.4-kilometre extension from Finch subway station to Highway 7 in Richmond Hill will include five stations and will complete a missing link in the GTA transit system. The Yonge Subway Extension has been identified by Metrolinx as a priority project, and the Environmental Assessments and some important studies are complete, so once Provincial funding is confirmed for preliminary engineering this project will be moving forward to this important next step.

As with any great transit system, our projects are in continuous motion. Our experience allows us to think ahead, in planning for each project, and in building a connected transit system for those who live, work or commute in York Region. To help plan the transit system in the GTA, Metrolinx is hosting a series of public meetings in York Region and Toronto in the next five weeks. We’ll be there too, so be sure to drop by our booth.


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One Response to “in continuous motion”

  1. Dora says:

    how are you going to address the political battle with Toronto in regards to the Yonge North extension? Will it still proceed? As a York Region resident I agree this is a critical piece in our transit network but Toronto has put a 2041 tag on our “first priority” Every one knows if things are officially on a 2041 timeline they usually won’t be finished until 2051 – look at our “Big Move 2020”. 2020 is now near the corner!! probably only less than 40% of the projects listed in Big Move can be finished before 2020.

    DaleA: We appreciate your enthusiasm about the Yonge North Subway Extension!
    Metrolinx’s recent Yonge Relief Network Study analyzed options for crowding relief to the existing Yonge Subway by examining new local and regional travel opportunities and improving mobility across the GTHA. The study concluded that, with current projects already underway (e.g., Regional Express Rail, Spadina subway extension etc.) that will divert some commuters, the Yonge Subway line will be under capacity by the time it’s completed and still have capacity in year 2031. The report also recommended that the Yonge Subway Extension move forward with preliminary design and engineering. There’s no reason why this and other projects can’t move forward in parallel.

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