summer – time fun!

summer - time for fun and games


Happy Canada Day everyone!

It’s summer, and most people are looking forward to enjoying the warm weather, taking time to make new memories, and maybe doing some travelling. A picture is just a moment frozen in time, but can tell a great story. If you’re travelling on YRT\Viva this summer, we’d like you to share your picture-stories with us by posting snapshots on Instagram of you and your friends enjoying a YRT\Viva moment in time around York Region. There are great shops and destinations around town and we know many of you are using transit to get there, so we encourage you to share those moments with us. We will be running a photo contest from July 1 to September 1, after which we’ll award a “Best Photo” prize – see the photo contest details.

As part of our summer moments in time contest, we wanted to also offer you a break for fun too. So if you like puzzles and games, try out your skills with our website game, and compete for the highest score in each level to win a prize!

We know everyone isn’t a photographer or a gamer, but if you enter your contact details in the photo contest or the website game, we’ll also add your name to a random draw on September 3, just for participating and sharing a moment of your time with us!

And last but certainly not least, be sure to find the vivaNext team in the community this summer, so you can talk to us about what’s happening with the projects. The construction along the corridors is in full swing; but it is nice to take a break for a moment in time…happy summer everyone, get out and enjoy.


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