Preserving the Union Hotel

With a population of only 2,000 people, Newmarket became an official town in 1880. The Union Hotel located at 425 Davis Drive was built soon after and remains an important part of Newmarket’s heritage.  The two-storey brick structure was designed by local architect John Ough and still has many of its original features, including mouldings, staircases and woodwork. Past owners include James Burke, a soda water manufacturer, Patrick Hodgins Sr. used it as a store and residence and more recently Robert Armstrong, had a real estate business.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Patrick Hodgins Jr. in 2010 about his memories of living at the property. From 1907 to 1940, his family played a big role in shaping this important corner of Newmarket.

Newmarket has since grown and now has 84,000 residents. To allow for the widening necessary to accommodate the vivaNext rapidway, the Union Hotel and the neighbouring two-storey concrete block building, are being set back on the same property, to preserve them as a reflection of Newmarket’s rich history.

Due to the nature of the work the buildings will be moved in two stages. The full relocation to the permanent location may take up to six months. Check out the steps involved or just follow construction as it unfolds along Davis Drive at


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