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viva influences come from around the world

As you follow our progress in building the vivaNext rapidways across the Region, a lot of our work will appear to be straightforward construction. But what you likely won’t know is how many other areas of expertise are needed to inform a project like vivaNext – and how many experts with specialized knowledge play key roles on our project team. As you might expect, our preliminary design and design-build teams include specialists in traffic, structural and electrical engineering, landscape architects and urban designers. But our team also includes a range of other experts – many of whom have worked on major projects around the world – in many more specialized fields.

Our vivaNext vision includes a complex systems undertaking, including both new hardware and software. So our team includes systems engineers to design the multiple information systems and other communications components involved in traffic signals, bus detection equipment, ticketing and many other IT elements of our system. To ensure our curved vivastation canopies provide a comfortable shelter from the elements, micro-climate specialists studied how the stations will be affected by wind, rain and snow. And the surprisingly complex questions related to “wayfinding” – the science of helping people find their way and get from A to B easily – have been assigned to wayfinding experts, who advise on all the elements that passengers will touch, see, read, feel or use. Look for more information about these specialties in future blogs.

One area where we’re drawing on very specialized knowledge is in our planning for construction in the vicinity of the Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket. In this area, as is the case across our entire project, our highest priorities are the quality of our work, as well as safety for the public and our workers during construction. Near the hospital, we add in the need to ensure there is as little disruption as possible to patients and medical staff due to our construction activities. Fortunately, our design-build partner has a wealth of experience in actually designing and constructing additions to hospitals, as well as carrying out construction projects near other sensitive locations.

We know that from time to time, construction can be noisy, and wherever we’re working we try to keep the amount of noise, vibration and dust to a minimum. In the hospital zone, our expert advisors are working closely with the hospital’s administration to plan what we’ll be working on, how we’re going to work, and when it will happen. We will also make sure the public is kept well-informed as our work near the hospital progresses, with regular updates and communication.

As we move forward with our work, our team of experts are drawing on their years of experience – literally from around the globe. We’re fortunate to have their knowledge to help anticipate the issues that might arise, to minimize problems, and ultimately get the long-term results we’re committed to achieving for vivaNext.

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