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Wondering when and where we’ll start to break ground on the vivaNext rapidways? Or how they are already affecting urban transformation in such key destinations as downtown Markham?

In our fall e-newsletter, which has just been posted on our website at, you can find quick and easy answers to these vivaNext-related questions, and many more.

For example, you can learn what people just like you have to say about commuting to and from work in York Region, and whether or not they think our rapid transit projects will make things better or worse.

Perhaps you’re especially looking forward to the proposed Yonge subway extension? If so, then you’ll enjoy our look back to where it all began more than fifty years ago.

We even reveal the lucky Grand Prize winner in our ‘Next Best Thing To Summer’ contest. It’s all there, along with a handy sign-up form so you can conveniently receive future issues of our e-newsletter in your Inbox, along with customized email updates about vivaNext projects of particular interest to you.

Once you’ve had a chance to read our latest e-newsletter, we encourage you to submit topic suggestions for future issues right here on our blog.


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One Response to “Get all the latest news about vivaNext in our fall e-newsletter!”

  1. Wilson says:

    Will you guys be posting technical aspects of the new rapidways? We were promised videos of some sort of the new shelters.

    I’m also interested in seeing in detail the type of lighting the busway will have along the roadway, as well as at the shelter!

    DaleA: Thanks for your question. A feature sheet of the new vivastation and the short video overview we talked about a while ago on this blog will be released next year. We decided to combine them with other communications materials which will come forward in 2010.

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