Do you think traffic congestion is getting worse in York Region?

In a recent blog posting, we told you about a survey jointly conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the City of Toronto and the Regions of York, Durham, and Peel. It found that average speeds on highways and roadways in and around the GTA, especially along Highway 7, are decreasing due to traffic congestion and that the average vehicular trip now takes 11% to 21% longer than the exact same trip in 2002.

So what do you think? Do you agree with these findings?

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2 Responses to “Do you think traffic congestion is getting worse in York Region?”

  1. Triceratops says:

    Yes, and I place the blame on developments that continue to spring up along Highway 7. They’re overwhelmingly box stores with huge parking lots, who never see access by a pedestrian. The blame is with the municipalities who encouraged such development.

  2. Russell Walter says:

    York Region is beginning to become like Toronto. People are moving north. York Region Transit needs to take care of the feeder routes and Viva needs to continue to manage the main arteries (Yonge, HWY 7, and Davis Drive). I was apart of all the public meetings and am happy to see that the plans being presented are looking great, York Region needs to be a leader in Transit. VivaNext is making that a reality. Keep up the work…..once the subways are running up and down there lines, once the buses are running in rapidways all you work will have payed off.

    Talk with you soon:
    T. Russell Walter

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