Time-lapse animations a big hit with the Region

I really had no idea what they would say. We’ve recently been working really hard on creating images of what parts of York Region will look like when the rapidway/subway projects are completed and mixed-use development is built. And on April 16, I showed examples to York Region’s Rapid Transit Committee.
The final frame of the time-lapse animation in Markham
The final frame of the time-lapse animation in Markham

I’ll save you the suspense and just say that their eyes lit up and all the Mayors wanted to know when they would get a copy of the final images and time-lapse videos. In fact, one of the reporters there requested electronic copies of the three images shown. Guess we’ll see that in print this weekend.

For us, they have been developing time-lapse animations of how Markham, Vaughan and Newmarket will change over the next 5-10 years as communities are built around transit.

In only a few seconds, the time-lapse animation shows how these different areas will change as subways and rapidways come to York Region. They are still works in progress and will look even better when completed in a few weeks. So be sure to check back on our website to see the videos, and I’ll let you know here when they’re done.

I like going to meetings like this because it gives us a chance to talk with elected officials, members of the public and the media about how our progress is going and to hear their thoughts.

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  1. Matt L says:

    I can’t wait to see them!

    DaleA: Hi Matt,
    Happy that you are excited to see the animations. We can’t wait to show them. We are hoping to have them posted on our website next week. Stay tuned.

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