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Pre-construction work begins on Highway 7

What type of work is being done?

Archaeological assessments are being conducted to meet the requirements
of the Highway 7 Corridor (Yonge to Warden) Environmental Assessment.

Why is it being done?

To ensure that any important historical artifacts are identified before the
roadway is widened for the rapidway.

Where exactly is this going on?

Between Bayview and South Town Centre Blvd, extending across Cedarland Drive
to Warden Ave.

When will it start?

Week of October 18.

How long will the work take?

About 2 weeks as weather plays a role in how quickly we can do the work.

What does the work entail?

Archaeological work involves digging holes by hand and sifting soil for artifacts.

A one-foot by one-foot hole, approximately one to two feet deep, will be dug
approximately every 18 feet. The holes are then filled in before moving to the
next location.

What impact will there be?

There will be very little impact from the archaeological work and it won’t
disrupt traffic.

archaeological work

be moved

In Markham, the future of transit has arrived with the opening of the last piece of the Highway 7 East rapidway along South Town Centre Boulevard, Cedarland Drive and Warden Avenue.

On January 4, 2015, the final section of the Highway 7 East rapidway opened for service, allowing YRT/Viva customers to experience truly rapid transit from Bayview Avenue in Richmond Hill to the Markham Centre development area. On the section of rapidway already in service on Highway 7 since 2013, riders are already seeing up to 35% travel time savings. All this goes a long way to improving transit in York Region and providing a faster and more convenient commute. And all of you are a big part of that. Thank you!

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