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Lane closure at Highway 7 and Chalmers Road

The southbound curb lane on Chalmers Road at Highway 7 will be closed this week. This will affect vehicles in both the eastbound and westbound direction on Highway 7 turning north onto Chalmers Road.

Why is it being done?

    • Bell is installing a new telephone cable

When will the work take place?

    • It will start on Monday, May 16*
    • Work will take approximately one week to complete

What impact will there be?

    • The southbound curb lane will be closed during the day and night
    • The area will need to be excavated to provide worker access
    • Moderate delays
    • Steel plates will cover the excavated area for safety reasons

*All dates subject to change; advance notice will be provided whenever possible.

For more information about the vivaNext plan and to receive project updates, please visit, or contact Nimisha Raja, your Community Liaison.

Southbound curb lane on Chalmers Road at Highway 7 will be closed this week.

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When it comes to the future of transit in York Region – it’s coming to Markham this winter with the launch of the third section of the Highway 7 rapidway on South Town Centre Boulevard, Cedarland Road and Warden Avenue.

A lot of activity is taking place as we all prepare for Viva beginning to run in this new section of rapidway. This includes preparing to open the new Cedarland Station, testing of Viva and emergency service vehicles in the rapidway lanes and training of YRT/Viva staff – to name a few.

All this goes a long way to improving transit in York Region and providing a faster and more convenient commute. And all of you are a big part of that. Thank you!

Wondering what this is all about or what a rapidway is? Click here to find out.