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Bathurst & Centre
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Bathurst and Centre / Vaughan

Bathurst and Centre / Vaughan

Connections are coming to Vaughan.

Transit connections are transforming Vaughan. The Spadina Subway line is almost here, and rapid transit is rolling out along Viva’s most-travelled routes. That includes where growth is happening on Bathurst and Centre Streets.

Viva to York University, and Viva to Yonge Street – the most convenient way to get there will be Viva. There will be stops along the way, including Promenade Terminal, where almost 50,000 people get on board on your average weekday.

Beginning from the Yonge subway linkup and heading westward, this dedicated rapidway will carry riders to their preferred port of call, whether it’s the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, Bathurst and Centre, Pine Valley Drive or any point in between.

Phase one from Edgeley to Bowes Road is looking great – check out the progress here. Phase two started in 2016 in the right-of-way from Bruce Street on Highway 7 West to Edgeley Boulevard, and from Centre Street to Yonge Street via the existing Viva route on Centre and Bathurst. The rapidway is scheduled to be completed in 2019, with some additional work in 2020. Further construction could also be in the future. Plans depend on available funding commitments.

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Vibrant, modern urban centres along Highway 7 West, Bathurst and Centre Streets where residents and visitors alike enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment.

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